Popular Nigerian adult-movie star, AfroCandy has lamented that preachers and critics should let her be.

The indefatigable actress took to her Facebook page last week, crying out that preachers should leave her alone with her p*rn-style life. According to her, they keep visiting her p*rn website to preach to her about the kingdom of God and Jesus.

“Before you enter my inbox telling me to repent and preaching to me how Jesus loves me and died for me, please look at me well. I am a Christian, I praise and worship my God and his son, Jesus Christ, always, and I know they love me, protect, provide for me and my children, you don’t need to tell me” she tells them.

To her, she couldn’t understand what business the so-called men of God have with a p*rn site. She says they leave her messages after surfing through all the pornographic adult stuffs on her site

“Some people even take the pain to register at my websites, spend time looking at all the n*ked people before starting their preaching. Let me warn you, my new approach to get you off my pages now is to message your wives to come get you out of my pages since blocking does not make much impact anymore. When it gets to your wives you can explain to them how my websites or pages look like Churches. So my advice to y’all is to take your hungry selves and go preach to Boko Haram since you seriously want to preach…Rubbish!” she fires at them.

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