He is rich, he is daring, he is notorious, he doesn’t care about public perception, he doesn’t believe in God, he sleeps with different girls without protection, he runs a p*rn site. He is simply known as King Tee.

King Tee
Lagos big boy King Tee has slept with a new set of young ladies on a bed full of cash, sneakers, expensive alcohol and jewelries to showcase his uncanny opulence.
The dark-skinned young man who specializes in having s*x with different ladies without condoms in hotels has remained unrepentant in the face of criticisms as he continues to soar high in popularity.
King Tee whose source of income remains unknown pays his female clients a sum of N100,000 for unprotected s*x and shares the explicit pictures and videos online for money.
The faces of the ladies remain veiled for now. He is currently raking massive cash from his new enterprise despite social media attacks.
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54 thoughts on “Lagos Big Boy Shows Off Bedroom Full of N*ked Girls and Cash on Social Media (Photos)”

  1. if he doesnt blv that God exist,then I c him to be a living corpse. And for the ladies who shamelessly for money allowing their private parts being pasted on media,shall one by one begin to c God’s wrath.Only salvation can avert this divine judgment.

  2. The girls are shameless irresponsible lazy how can u sell your glory to a person that has no respect for you knowing there is judgement of God coming one day

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  4. Haha,so fuuny, I swear,this nigga is a brokeAss .! lol flaunting dirty naira on social media, call him to come and wash my toilet joor.

  5. his money is blood money and the foolish gurls cannot see that sleeping with them without protection is how he makes his money “RUBBISH”

  6. Who is the father of this dude…..Or maybe not a Nigerian,i guess he just wanna be famous in 9ja…just be using charm on those gals

  7. guy fear God and stop this satanic act of yours because God Almighty and the world is watching you OK.

  8. he who say their is no God is a fool and do not know were he is from but one day will know how he get here (death) and for girls who runs after money like dogs after sheets they will soon meet their end I pray they repent b4 it too late that their name one day be tittle late miss. Jesus is close to you he is coming very soon.I pray that our sin will be forgiven through Christ our lord AMEN

  9. I wise you can understand that what you are doing is long, and if you can stop it
    and look into God almighty I promise you, you will have evey thing that you need God love you so much

  10. I pray for God to unveil himself to u.i see dis guy working for God after his encounter with God.

  11. u guys shld not judging him rather advice him and pray for him cuz u guys also have ur own sinful way cuz no one is righteous my pple, stop the critized pls isn’t done in that way, we are all sinner and come short of the glory of God. but remember don’t preach 2 to someone and later become cast away God will see us through…thank u

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  14. it is appointed unto man once to die, after that the judgement. What will b ur judgement? King Tee where would u like to spend or eternity? remember wherever u’ll spend ur eternity can’t b compared to d short live u live on this earth. it’ll b 4eva n Eva n Eva n eva n Eva……….

  15. Most of you that are criticising him are either jealous or sentimental. You will even do worst. Guy flex nothing do you.

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