Kylie Jenner came under fire from fans after posting a video of one of her beloved dogs looking emaciated. Despite the Italian Greyhound Club of America insisting her dogs Bambi and Norman are supposed to be on the skinny side, the LA County Animal Control confirmed to TMZ  they had received complaints regarding her treatment of her pets.

A spokesperson for LA County Animal Control tells us they received complaints of possible animal cruelty after Kylie posted a video of her Italian greyhound, Bambi, appearing to be scary thin. We’re told if they find evidence of neglect charges could be filed, and the dog could be seized.

Some comments read

‘Please feed your dogs or give them to a loving, attentive home that will. Those dogs are starving.’

Another said:

‘I’ve had an Italian Greyhound as a puppy and despite its hyperactivity it had some skin covering [its] ribs. [There’s] obviously a problem here that she needs to address.

A third user also said

‘Kylie — this is sad. Even for you — suck up your pride and hear what everyone is saying before this becomes explosive.’

However,some argue these breed are usually thin-looking.

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