Kris Jenner is worried Kanye West’s rants on Twitter are “ruining” the Kardashian brand, according to reports.

The momager has apparently become so concerned about her son-in-law’s outspoken views on social media that she is worried he will “take the family down”.

Superstar Kanye told his 19 million followers he thought Bill Cosby was innocent, revealed he was $53million in debt and begged Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for money in his latest ramblings.

According to New York Post’s Page Six, the momager has ordered the rapper to bring in crisis management in an attempt to rein in his outbursts.

A source said: “His Twitter rants are out of control, and Kris fears that he’s taking the family down.

“Kris wants Kanye to hire someone to handle all the noise and drama so he can focus on being an artist.”

But the site reports no one big in the publicity world is willing to take him on.

The source continued: “You couldn’t pay us enough to represent Kanye. He’s too much to handle.”

Meanwhile, sources close to Kris Jenner said: “This is a complete lie. In fact, Kris just did a big interview on E! fashion Police where she proudly talked about Kanye and how much she loves him.”

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