Kim Kardashian blasted Kris Jenner after the matriarch said Khloe’s troubled ex deserves a second chance.

In Keeping Up With The Kardashian scenes shot before the former NBA star was found unconscious, Kris begins to meddle in the pair’s strained relationship despite Khloe making it clear she’s determined to move on.

So determined, she even changed her phone number to prevent him from getting in touch – but Kris still passed it on.

“You just have a sentimental thing with Lamar, and at some point, you have to get over it,” Kim tells Kris in the preview clip after finding out she’d been speaking to Lamar.

“Okay, but you weren’t going to give me the benefit of the doubt. I always want what’s best for my daughters,” the 60-year-old replies.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians / E!Kim Kardashian
The mum-of-two can’t believe her mum is sticking by Khloe’s ex

But Kim isn’t impressed, and hits back: “Her talking to Lamar and you saying Lamar deserves a second chance – that is so wrong and that’s being a bad mother.”

“All right, what else do you want to call me? I would never speak to somebody the way you speak to anybody. Your words hurt,” Kris replied.

Kim continued: “Even for them to speak, it’s not healthy for Khloe. She’s moved on, and now you are solely pulling her back.”

Later on, while speaking to camera, Kris admits she still loves Lamar.

Kris says she’ll always be there for Lamar

“She’s way out of line to speak to me like this. I would never do anything to intentionally upset my kids, I Just love Lamar. And she’s got to respect that too.”

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In the same episode, Khloe can be seen lashing out at her mum after she finds out she’s given her number number to the former NBA star.

“I was removed from this whole situation,” the reality star yells down the phone. “I don’t give a f**k, are you psycho?”

But rather than apologising, Kris told Khloe: “He’s had so many issues he’s been dealing with.

“Lamar doesn’t have a lot of extended family. When he reaches out I’m going to respond.”

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