Khloe Kardashian has admitted to asking her BFF for blow job tips – before taking matters into her own hands and Googling.

The reality star opened up about a recent conversation she had with her best pal Malika in a frankly honest blog post, admitting she quizzed her friend on her best advice.

While Malika remained fairly tight-lipped, Khloe dished on what she got from her – every detail in fact.

Kim Kardashian’s sister wrote: “Malika, of course, thinks she’s the best,” before adding: “So as a curious girlfriend, I wanted to know what she did.”

She added: “She gave me some simple answer about it just being ‘all about the saliva.’ She wouldn’t really tell me what she does that’s so different, which I couldn’t understand.

“We share a lot, so why wouldn’t she want to pass those secrets on to me? So I took matters into my own hands.”

Khloe ended up contacting a guy Malika had previously hooked up with – who confirmed she was “one of the best”.

However, not content with that, Khloe then took things further – and consulted Google.

She added: “From what I’ve heard, I’m confident in my ability but I’m not going to sit around telling my girlfriends that! (Malika!).

“I started thinking about it more in depth, so I decided to hit the Web and Google things.”

Khloe admitted she doesn’t think she’s missing anything – which must be a relief to ALL her fans.

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