Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are mostly known as super famous models who began their careers on trashy reality TV shows—but did you know that they also possess the power to change lives?

Legend has it that, sometime this past summer, the gal pals (and Ansel Elgort?) were picnicking on L.A.’s Venice Beach when they started flirting with a homeless guy, as you do.

Of course, this homeless guy happened to be an aspiring male model who, in lieu of working a “regular” job to support himself financially in between casting calls, had decided that he was perfectly fine with sleeping beneath a thin bed sheet on the sand every night.

The Daily Mail reports that, initially, John Economou—aka “The Romeo of Venice Beach”—had no idea who was hitting on him. “I didn’t realize who I was speaking to at first and it finally clicked who it was—it was Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, actor Ansel Elgort, and Kendall’s manager, Ashleah Gonzalez,” says the 20-year-old, whose only belongings are two outfits, a shave kit, and a toothbrush.

John Economou. Photo: Ezekiel Williams

“We were just talking and they said I should take up modeling here in L.A,” he continues. “I told them my story, I told them how I was a model back home [in Milwaukee] and how I came here to follow my dream and try to get an agency, how I’m living the hippie life, living out on the beach crashing on the sand right now. They said they could help me out and get me an agency.”

With Jenner’s help, Economou was eventually signed to Two Management, where he’s hoping to build a career that’ll someday afford him a lifestyle filled with “exotic cars [and a] big house”—every hippie’s ultimate fantasy.

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But while professional modeling may be new to him, getting holla’d at by hunnies is just par for the course: Economou earned his Shakespearean nickname for his astonishing ability to find women who’re willing to let him crash in their beds.

“I came out here knowing I would be sleeping under the stars, but I also knew I could talk to a girl and make friends with her and hang out with her and then end up staying at their house and doing whatever,” he tellsDaily Mail. “I do like sleeping on the beach, but I obviously like going home with chicks, too.”

The hobo hottie says he’s loving the vast array of females in Southern California. “L.A. is so diverse there’s so many girls from all over and it’s really opening my mind to different cultures and what not and I really like that. I like women of all ages too—if someone is attractive I don’t think age matters.”

Though it seems his derelict charms may not have worked so well on Jenner and Hadid. Economou says he hasn’t spoken to either of them again because “they are way too famous. […] But I spoke to them for a good amount of time that day on the beach and they are all super nice.”

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