Nollywood actor Ik Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia has said she buys only made in Naija product and that she doesn’t know why most people refer to it as ‘local’.

She shared the photo below and wrote…

“I only buy made in Naija. I don’t know why so many people refer to “LOCAL” as if it’s something bad or something to be shamed of. Why exactly do you think you should be so proud for buying “yankee” /”foreign” stuff? Imagine if we start appreciating and buying more of our precious,colorful local goods ?What would that do to our economy? Agriculture? The biggest black nation in the whole wide world-let’s use our population in our advantage to build.
Trading healthy,organic,local products for way more expensive genetically modified and cancer-causing stuff that even western world is trying to run away from would not make you appear any more classier,richer or sophisticated. Embrace your own. My family and I are proudly and very “local” . ??”

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