In an Exclusive Interview with LIB, naturally endowed actress Cossy, opened up about her personal & love life, style and more. Read below..
LIB: Tell us about yourself.
I’m Cossy Ojiakor, born in 1983, from Anambra state. And a graduate. | Silver spoon.
LIB: How did you get involved in acting/discover the industry? And what year was this?
I saw a poster while in school way back in 1999. It was about : ‘The only Nigerian girl’ audition’ which I went for.

LIB: What was your first ever role as an actress?
• My first ever role was actually as an orange seller. I also acted in a movie called ‘borderline’ as a secretary and this was before the only Nigerian girl audition.
LIB: Did your bust cause any difficulty for you when you became an actress?
• Nope. When I started acting my boobs were a lot slimmer, so my bust wasn’t that noticeable. It became a lot bigger because I added weight a little.
LIB: What changed about you when you came into the limelight
• Nothing changed about me much. But I got re-oriented from my experiences. I got to know that people who say nasty things about you are just jealous of your success and want to be you. – But can never be! So.. It’s cool to turn the table on them and make them talk and eat themselves up with hatred.


LIB: Who is your favourite Nollywood Actor/Actress currently?
• My favorite…. I really dont know.
8 • What else do you do professionally apart from acting?
Apart from acting and music I keep myself happy. (Laughs)
~~ Personal Life
LIB: Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.
• I’m a very shy person. Most people don’t know that.
LIB: Are you in a relationship? Tell us about your love life.
• Relationship…. Right now am in love with Mr……….. Filling in d blank space.
LIB: What attracts you to a man? Physical attributes/otherwise?
• It all depends on perception. I check out those thing I liked in my ex… Excluding the ones I hate.. So if I see a lot of things I like… The harder I fall.
LIB: Describe your fashion style.
• Sexy when am feeling it and plain unrecognizable when I don’t want to be noticed.
LIB: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
• If I could change one thing about me – I’ll wish to be in love all the time. Cause there is this special peace you get when you love someone who loves you more. It’s so magical. At the end of it all,  Money can not can give you that special glow and peace of mind.
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