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See what happened when this Actor had S*X with a ROBOT for new TV show


Former child actor Tyger Drew-Honey had se x with a robot for BBC3’s largely alarming doc The Virtual Reality Virgin.

The actor – known for his role as Jake Brockman in Outnumbered – was very, erm, hands on with the new se x doll, and he hasn’t held back with his frank assessment as he admitted it left a lot to be desired.

He told Mirror Online: “Having se x with a robot felt nothing like having se x with a person. The sound of the mechanical arms moving the supposed va gina were very off putting. “And despite my best efforts I did not manage to get anywhere near the finish line.”

Thankfully, Tyger added that after the unusual experience, he still prefers the idea of human contact – so at least there’s that.

He joked: “I think I’ll stick to humans for now, robot se x is a long way off. And hey, what if you just want a cuddle?”

McMullen has created an app that allows the user to programme a se x doll to have whatever personality – or lack of – they wish.

He said the company is working on merging virtual reality with se x dolls – allowing the user to create the appearance of whoever they wanted while simultaneously using the doll to simulate physical touch.

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