Ghanaian singer, Eazzy, has said she is not afraid of unprotected s*x, that she uses a contraceptive called Postinor-2 after intercourse to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

The singer who is confident that she can never have a baby out of wedlock recently opened up on how she protects herself after s*xual intercourse.

She said: “I’ve had unprotected s*x but then there is Postinor-2”.

The singer said that she doesn’t support abortion “Of course, there is no other option. Absolutely! I am not a supporter of abortion”, and she plans what happens to her when she meets a man.

Asked what she doesn’t like, she said: “I hate it when people disappoint me and I hate it when people don’t do what they are supposed to do. You know your job and yet you want me to talk before you do it, I hate that”. She also added that she is not quick to temper.

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