Annie Idibia, wife of Nigerian pop star 2face Idibia, might be getting more than she bargained for with a seemingly innocent post about child abuse and parental support on her Instagram yesterday.

After adjudging Annie’s post as a shade on 2face’s baby mama, Pero Adeniyi, her older sister Funmi Bazuaye laid siege on the comments section of the post making damning allegations against the actress, labelling her as deceitful.

Funmi alleged that Annie throws tantrums whenever she sees 2face trying to communicate with his kids, who she claimed the singer hasn’t seen in over two years.

‘If you think you can start something just because he got away from your claws to throw a 10th birthday party for his daughter. you got something else coming your way. #liar #igotyourtime #andforyourtrollstoo!’ Funmi threatened.

Further claiming Annie’s post was borne out of sheer jealousy that 2face has now allegedly travelled to see his children, Funmi released pictures to back her claims up.

‘Yes I know she is talking about my sister, so does the rest of the world! If you don’t have sisters to fight for I have only one and I will die for her! This lady is wrong!’ she blurted.

Photo of alleged 2face's recent visit of his kids in the US
Photo of 2face’s alleged recent visit to his kids in the US
2face with his kids in the US
2face with his kids

‘Annie Idibia crossed the line and it’s all because Innocent left from Cairo yesterday to see his kids that he has not seen in over 2 years because of her. The kids she fights their father as even storing their name as “Idibia US” the kids she sends texts to their mum harassing her life anytime Innocent starts to contact them. The kids SHE abuses by cutting them off from their dad, he has to hide to call or facetime them just because he doesn’t want Annie’s troubles.

‘Annie I have hard proof that will show the world you are a liar doing photoshop with Sumbo’s kids to form happy family when we know what’s going on in the background….girl like Tiwa sang..”if I start to talk”…..’ further wrote the unforgiving Funmi.

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Annie hasn’t responded to any of these allegations.

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