Sean Tizzle spoke in a recent interview about his new role in Iyabo Ojo’s movie and the situation between him and Basketmouth. He touched variety of topics including what transpired between his team and basketmouth’s. Read the concluding part of it.

What led to the issue with Basketmouth and the entire drama surrounding it?

Man, it’s a long story. Basketmouth reached out to my team and I didn’t turn him down. He reached out to my team because it is supposed to be a medium of communication amongst us.

So, what exactly happened?

What happened is, we have some external bodies in the team. These guys act like a form of agency that mediates in the process of getting shows and events. You know I have my manager, my publicist and my producer D’Tunes but he didn’t reach out to any of these people. Rather he spoke to one of our agents, a lady called Rachel, and she gave the monetary details of my performing at any show. Not that it was aimed at Basketmouth or that I was trying to be disrespectful because she was just being professional.

It was a normal conversation between a person reaching out to get an artiste to come on his show and is like: ‘Can we get Sean Tizzle to perform at a show at a certain time?’ And she says: ‘Yeah, he’s available and this is the fee.’ She wasn’t being rude or anything because, I mean, she was really just looking out for herself in the process of doing her job. You have to understand that she gets her cut off every gig I play at and all that. It’s normal. I think she was just being professional with it. And again I think it wasn’t Basketmouth who called, it was his PA who did. So, what do you expect her to do, bro? So the word got back to Basketmouth and he wasn’t okay with it. But at the same time [he] has my contacts, he has my manager’s contacts but didn’t reach us or nothing. In fact, man, we didn’t even know about it until it got out on social media.         

Are you saying he didn’t approach you the right way because he didn’t reach out to you directly?

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No I’m not saying that. I won’t say he didn’t approach me the right way. I’m just saying it wasn’t me. Basketmouth didn’t contact me or anyone directly in my team because definitely we won’t disrespect him. We’ve been cool from day one. I can remember my first show in London and it was Basketmouth who called to have me on the list. In short we had a meeting at the place. We sat down and we had this meeting and discussed the full details of the show. We had the conversation and all that. You know he is my big bro in the industry and so I expected that if anything he was supposed to holler at me directly like: ‘Man, Sean, I heard you won’t come on my show if I don’t pay you blab la and all’ …you understand? And I would have been quick to address the situation on ground. But not until it reached social media we didn’t have any idea what was happening. We didn’t even know what was happening. I swear to God we didn’t have a clue.

And it was kind of surprising when word got out to social media that I didn’t want to come on his show. I mean the first time I was on his show he spoke to me directly about it. And what’s even funny is this thing happened about two years ago. It happened in 2013. It is not even a recent incident. And it’s surprising because Basket is someone I really respect in the industry. And I have been seeing him at weddings, shows and all of that. He could easily have said ‘Ah Sean, I don’t like what you did the other time o.’ And I would have addressed the situation as well as apologized immediately.

Did he reach out to you to perform at his Lord Of The Ribs concert on October 4?

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Nah. He didn’t say anything to me or anyone around me.

So, from this what is next for you?

Oh I’m grateful to God for where I am presently. I will be dropping about four to five singles before the year runs out. These songs will come with videos as well. I’m dropping a song soon and it’s called Murder Me. Then I’ll be dropping Telephone Man, a song with Sean Kingston’s DJ.

What has it been like working with D’Tunes?

D’Tunes is dope. He is magical.

What makes him magical?

A lot. His percussions are mad and he’s a great producer in terms of he knows how to direct good music. He understands the arrangement of sounds and all the essentials of making a great sound.

Having tried acting for the first time in Astray will you give it another shot?

Yea, definitely I will. I find it really enjoyable and fun. It’s a whole different phase entirely. Initially, I had little doubts in myself but as time went on I got the courage to continue with playing my role in the movie.

How is this experience different from making a music video?   

It is quite different in the sense that acting is deeper and more demanding in terms of timing and how much you get to memorize. You need to put up the right attitude that sells the character well enough and all that. Your facial expressions, body language, and all that. From this experience I would say actors need to be respected a lot for the efforts they put into making movies and stage plays. Honestly.

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