Following Di’ja’s revelation of her secret marriage, you can understand why we are taking news that D’banj is married seriously. You can’t trust celebrities these days, they just gonna sly you, and cut you out of all the fun.

Anyways, here’s what we know about the Kokomaster and his secret wedding for now…

In January 2015, D’banj in an exclusive interview with TheNETng expressed his wish to get married that year.

His exact words were, ‘Well, I don’t know yet but I know that I am intending to do it this year. More importantly for me, I’ve always wanted to have a child, but last year my brother, Kay Switch had a child and it brought so much joy to me. So this year, I’m thinking of settling down to have my own Koko junior soon.

Fast forward to Saturday July 2, 2016, news broke that 36-year old D’banj secretly got married at his Lekki residence.

Multiple sources confirmed to TheNETng that ‘Dbanj can’t possibly be married, he was still with Dj Obi at Sao Cafe this morning and again it’s his father’s birthday’.


Another source said, ‘D’banj had always planned to get married secretly but I’m really not sure if he’s done it’.

However, there has been no word from Dbanj’s camp, as they’ve been evasive and declined to comment. Although it is a little suspicious that they’ve all stayed off social media… Why now?

D’banj also shared a photo from his dad’s birthday yesterday and we spotted a ring on his finger in that photo.

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Although TheNETng reports that it’s a fashion ring that he’s been wearing lately, we think not, as no one has spotted this ring before now.

His ‘secret bride’ said to be born to an American father and a part Nigerian, part South African mother has been identified as Didi Kilgrow.


There’s still no official confirmation if D’banj is married or not, but we are eagerly waiting to see if truly the Kokomaster has dedicated his ‘Koko’ to that special someone.

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