Incase you dont know, in Nigeria, when an actress becomes very popular they tend to get alot of admirers off the screen and sometimes they are admired by some filthy wealthy individuals who will stop at nothing to spoil these actresses with money, sponsoring their lavish vacations, making dumb ass movies and buying designers that they endlessly flaunt on instagram and other social media. Well, in the past, these rich guys are called maga, but now they are just called sponsors, actress Daniella Okeke is in wounds because she felt betrayed by a female colleague that stole her sponsor a while back and shes just poured a whole lot of curses on this actress on her page, read her post below:

daniellaokeke Wen bitches think dey re Smart.

Wen u were doing all ur shit and ve in a good time u dldnt feel used or feel bad u were enjoying it Wen u were posting and throwing shades on social media 2 me u didnt feel bad u were enjoying it Wen u were busy sourcing 4 bad informations abt me 2 tell him? cooking up all the lies u cooked up just 2 make me suffer and make him hate me u didnt feel bad or even called me then. Wen he gave u cars/money 2 make ur so called movies and maintain dat lake ass life u re living u were enjoying it Nw dat things has turned bad 4 u datz wen u ve the hands 2 pick ur phone 2 call me and try 2 play smart on me. . guess wat u fall now u re begging? Wat happened 2 u been done? Wat happened 2 ur ritual dreams? Wen bitches think dey re Smart I just laugh like dis #mood bitches pls!

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