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How Chris Brown predicted Rihanna and Drake wouldn’t last


Chris Brown “knew” Rihanna ‘s relationship with Drake wouldn’t last.

The Work hitmaker and the Hotline Bling musician called time on their romance just months after they went public, and Chris – who dated the 28-year-old singer from 2007-2009, and briefly in 2013 – thinks their split is because Drake, 29, is a “boring mama’s boy”.

A source close to the 27-year-old singer told HollywoodLife.com: “[Chris Brown] knew it wouldn’t last. No diss to Drake but he ain’t man enough for Rihanna.

“He’s not edgy and when you peel back all his sweet BS lines and charm you see the real Drake: a boring mama’s boy.”

And even though the Needed Me singer might have moved on from the Royalty musician, Chris hasn’t given up on rekindling their relationship.

The spokesperson added: “[Chris] sent [Rihanna] a joking text telling her telling her she could lay on his chest if she needed a rock for support. She hit him back with ‘lol.’

“That made Chris smile. [Rihanna]’s always giving him attitude and making him work it and he loves that about her.”

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