The formal student of Kwara State Polytechnic who joined the industry in 2008, has lots of movies to her credit, both the English and Yoruba genre.
In a new interview with Vanguard, the Kwara state born actress who is based Malaysia talked about her acting career, her soon-to-be released movie, ‘Eko’, and how her body feature has helped in getting her roles. Read excerpts below:
What are you currently working on?

My movie ‘Eko’ which literally means ‘Lesson’. The film is an eye-opener for people who believe that without travelling abroad they cannot make it in this life. The film is planned to educate them that it’s not until you travel abroad before you make it, just focus on what you’re doing and you can make it anywhere.

Which has been your biggest movie so far?

It’s a movie called Ere; a Yoruba movie. There’s another one called Omo Malaysia. In fact , there are many of them I can’t remember right now

How has the journey in Nollywood been?

Stressful, I will say. For one, there is the issue of location logistics. At times they may lodge you in a hotel without adequate facilities. And because this is a profession you love, you have to manage whatever is thrown at you. Even feeding, at times on location, becomes a problem because adequate provisions are not made. It has not been easy, at all, but we have to stick to it because it is a profession we love.

My B00bs Have Helped My Acting Career – Bridget Amos

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

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You know Jide Kosoko? There was a time I was supposed to play a role alongside him but he brought someone else instead. He said he wanted the person to play the role in my place. I felt very bad. Along the line he changed his mind and asked me to take the role but I had been so heartbroken that I couldn’t pick myself up again. I eventually lost the role.

How do you get into character when you see scripts?

Since you love it and you enjoy doing it, it’s very easy. If you love acting, once you’re given a role it would be easy for you to act it out.

Who is your biggest inspiration in acting?

Ayo Adesanya

Can you do something sexy in a movie?

Yes, I can be very sexy and very romantic.

Can you flaunt your b00bs, stuff like that?

It’s part of acting so I can do it. I can play any role. Once you’re an actor, you should be able to play any role

Have your b00bs ever helped you in getting a role?

Yes, they have. In one English movie, though the movie is not yet out, they wanted someone that has big b00bs and can flaunt it, so they called me. I was called by Laitan Sugar and it was because of my b00bs they called me for that job. I played the role of a bad character in the movie

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