The reclusive Kardashian brother has already pointed out that his children will be the only genuine Kardashians of the next generation, and now Rob’s new fiancée has shared her own excitement about the chance to bear his famous last name – announcing plans to become a Kardashian upon marriage.

People magazine reports that Blac is looking forward to bearing the name ‘Angela Kardashian’ and she is simply ‘ecstatic.’ Blac Chyna’s birth name is Angela White.

‘She was more than excited, she was thrilled, just super happy,’ added the spokesperson.

But while the newly engaged couple celebrate, there has been a pointed lack of comment from his extended family.

Indeed, sources tell TMZ that the 29-year-old ‘went to great lengths’ to ensure his proposal was a shock to his family, calling his actions ‘aggressively’ on the quiet.

While the relationship had been ‘good’ for Rob, his family felt it was too soon for marriage. “No one [in his family] is jumping up and down with excitement today. They have made a united decision as a family to not comment on social media yet about Rob’s engagement.

The source said there has been a fear that Blac Chyna is manipulating the situation with Rob. That he is getting himself into a situation that is not ideal for him. Blac Chyna has been great as kind of a rebound. As someone that got Rob out of a dark place, that helped him get motivated and healthy again. Let’s just be honest, no one is really hoping for a marriage to happen.

Daily Mail

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Why does it feel like these two don’t know what they are doing?

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