After being suspended from Twitter, Azealia Banks instead took to Periscope to continue her attack on the UK rap and Skai Johnson a nd Zayn Malik.
The star insists UK rappers can’t rap after she was dropped from London festival Rinse: Born & Bred – where she had been headlining .She was dropped over her offensive remarks earlier this week after she threatened to bring a gun to her performance in response to UK fans attacking her.
She said on Periscope

 “You n***** in the UK can’t f****** rap.”You can’t. At least not up to our standards”You need some vitamin D. You n**** in the UK got clouds all over you, you ain’t got s***”

 She also told 14 year old Disney star Skai Jackson to “stay in a child’s place” and not get involved in the argument.

I don”t give a f-ck if you are 14 or 12, get off the internet.Lil..B-icth get the fuck off the internet and stay in a f-cking child’s place.You never know who is gonna rip your head off.You not invited to this conversation”You know your mom is pushing you to be a little teen star.Your mom is pushing you to live out her dreams.All the things she didn’t get done, just f-king do that and shut up.Keep your kids off the internet people.”

To Zayn, she said

All I want is for you to eat my a*s, is that too much to ask? I just want you to eat my a*s.What’s good.

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