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Azealia Banks continues rant on Periscope after being suspended from twitter


  After being suspended from Twitter, Azealia Banks instead took to Periscope to continue her attack on the UK rap and Skai Johnson a nd Zayn Malik.
The star insists UK rappers can’t rap after she was dropped from London festival Rinse: Born & Bred – where she had been headlining .She was dropped over her offensive remarks earlier this week after she threatened to bring a gun to her performance in response to UK fans attacking her.
She said on Periscope

 “You n***** in the UK can’t f****** rap.”You can’t. At least not up to our standards”You need some vitamin D. You n**** in the UK got clouds all over you, you ain’t got s***”

 She also told 14 year old Disney star Skai Jackson to “stay in a child’s place” and not get involved in the argument.

I don”t give a f-ck if you are 14 or 12, get off the internet.Lil..B-icth get the fuck off the internet and stay in a f-cking child’s place.You never know who is gonna rip your head off.You not invited to this conversation”You know your mom is pushing you to be a little teen star.Your mom is pushing you to live out her dreams.All the things she didn’t get done, just f-king do that and shut up.Keep your kids off the internet people.”

To Zayn, she said

All I want is for you to eat my a*s, is that too much to ask? I just want you to eat my a*s.What’s good.

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