American Actor Morgan Freeman has revealed he’s not scared of death. The actor in an interview said he’s not worried about dying and even revealed the best way he would like to die.

American actor and narrator, Morgan Freeman has revealed he is not worried about dying.

The 78-year-old thespian, who hinted that he has no plans of retiring just yet, thinks passing away while on the job just like comedian, Dick Shaw, who had a heart attack on stage in 1987, would be the perfect way to exit the stage.
In an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, the Oscar award winning actor, said: “He (Dick) dropped dead and he got a laugh! You couldn’t dream of a better way to go. I’m not worried about anything”.

The veteran actor is currently limiting the work he takes on but has no intentions to dump the big screen for the stage or TV. “I will never set foot on anybody’s live stage again. Two months into performances we would go on stage, look at each other and go, ‘What the f**k are we doing here?’”

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