Adorable new photos of The Game and his daughter, Cali

The rapper who is celebrating his daughter, Cali’s 6th birthday says his best moments are spent with her and also revealed he sees himself going to jail for killing someone over her in the future ..Read the long tribute he wrote to her as she turned 6 yesterday..

Happy 6th Birthday to the most precious person I have ever known in my life. “CALI, before you: I never knew what the meaning of LIFE was. From the day that you were born… I made it my life’s mission to be everything needed to ensure you live a life only a queen should live.
You mean the world to me.. & when I say the world… I mean I would trade everything in it, if it meant that I could be your father for another 3 lifetimes after this one. You are such a jewel Cali. You are everything I wished my daughter would be & more ! You’re beautiful, smart, funny & you really just light up my life… Especially when times get dark. I personally do not know what my life would be without you so I try my hardest to not even think about it… & I definitely don’t remember how it was before you… Matter fact, “ain’t no life before her bihhhhh” (& say that like you mean it if you’re reading this). Cali, you are the BOMB little sister to your brothers & just so sweet to anyone you encounter & that’s why everyone just adores your little self so much….. From the 1st day I met you til now, I have loved you & allowed the WORLD to watch you grow with me. Where did the time go ?….

My baby is soooooo BIG now… 1st grade, reading on an 8th grade level ?????? you can dance better than ya mama, your nose is cuter than ya dads… You skate like Lauren London in “ATL”…. you’re funnier than the midget from “Soul Plane” & you eat a box of strawberry “Pop Tarts” faster than any person on earth lol…… Cali, you are EVERYTHING to me & saying that I would not be able to truly appreciate this world without you is an understatement…. & yes my baby knows what understatement means & can spell it…… Her mama a school teacher ??????But on the real, this my baby y’all. & y’all know damn well AINT NO ME WITHOUT HER. So if you don’t already, go on over to her page & FOLLOW IT @littlemisscalidream as well as wish the LOVE OF MY LIFE a “HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY”. She deserves that & everything else beautiful in this world & the next…… I LOVE YOU more than LIFE princess & I will ALWAYS be right here, just shadowing your life, making sure it’s perfect for you – DADDY



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