Rose McGowan has flashed her bo obs in a protest against Instagram’s policy on pictures featuring ni pples.

The actress – who censored her own snap but bared her chest in the racy picture – took the opportunity to address issues with how she choosing to “explore the boundaries of being a woman and artist”, admitting she was looking to provoke a reaction.

She wrote: “Maybe you need your buttons puhed. Think. What am I saying? What am I pushing back at? What am I commenting on.

“I used my art/body/photography to explore the boundaries of being a woman and artist in a life lived on a large scale.

“I’m frankly not that interested in social media’s morés as they pertain to shaming me, ni pples are not wrong, the body as art is never wrong.”

She recently hit out at people for se xualising women’s bodies, sharing a picture of herself in a tight top and explaining there is “no shame” in having b oobs.

“Yes, I have br easts,” she wrote. “There is NO shame in having bre asts.


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