Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts has penned a backhanded apology to police and her neighbors about the high profile saga which played out after she and her boyfriend Brian Lucas had public sex in their car.

At first the duo accused Los Angeles police of racial profiling, saying they were arrested in September for being an interracial couple.

Eventually, in May, Watts pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace with loudness and was ordered to write an apology to three police officers and the occupants of a building near where she was briefly detained last year.

The pair was later charged with lewd conduct, but that count was dismissed in May. 

Watts and Lucas, who entered the same plea, were sentenced to 40 hours of community service and must remain out of trouble for a year.

Lucas took to Facebook to specifically claim the LAPD arrested them because they assumed his girlfriend was a prostitute because they saw an interracial couple. 

A recording of the arrest by one of the officers involved showed that Watts accused the police of racism when she refused to produce ID after a series of 911 calls from witnesses claiming a couple was having sex in their car.

‘Do you know how many times the cops have been called just for being black? Just because I am black and he’s white? I’m just being really honest,’ she said to LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker.

In the recording Watts exclaims ‘You are not the one who is in handcuffs’

‘You’re not the one who’s spent your life being called a n***** and growing up in the south, and now I get the cops called on me.

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‘The cop pulled us over because he thought I was a prostitute.’

Parker later said in an interview with the MailOnline that he thought it was incorrect for Watts to accuse him and the other two officers of prejudice because he is gay and the other two police were a woman and a Latino.

Parker said he released the audio in an attempt so show that he was simply responding to a 911 calls that told the dispatcher Watts and Lucas were having sex with the door open and was reasonable during their encounter.

He also added that it was Watts’ attitude and uncooperative nature that caused her to be arrested.

In the immediate aftermath, prominent civil rights leaders took up Watts’ cause, but then asked her to apologize when the audio and pictures showing Watts sitting on top of Lucas inside his car were made public.

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