Simon Cowell has allegedly got rid of the security guard who was busy using the toilet when his home was burgled.
According to The Sun, it’s thought that the personal guard was using the loo when the break in occurred at the £35m property on Friday .
The guard – hired by Simon from a private firm – will reportedly be reassigned to another family.
A source told the Sun

 “Simon said heads would roll because of the blunder.The security guard’s firm have now told him it would not be appropriate for him to continue protecting Cowell and his family.”

A fellow security guard was praised as a hero for wrestling back £500,000 worth of Simon’s gems during the incident .
M’Bathonha Mendes, who isn’t employed by Simon but works on the same street, leapt into action after finding the music mogul’s passport on the pavement.

The 34-year-old drove after the burglar and snatched back Simon’s possessions from his rucksack.

M’Bathonha told the Sunday Mirror:

 “The adrenaline just kicked in. He was trying to get something out of the bag and I ran up to him, put my hand on his shoulder and said, ‘wait a second’.He jumped and then dropped the bag and ran. Fear is my friend.”

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