If children are a blessing from God then a set of twins are twice the blessing! Whether they are identical or fraternal, twins are a beautiful gift from God and should be cherished by their parents.

Nigerian celebrities have shown us how much they adore their twins. They either can’t stop talking about them or filling up their social media pages with their cute twins. From dressing them alike to taking fun pictures of them with cute themes.

Here are eight of the most adorable Nigerian celebrity twins:

1. Nollywood actress, Bukola Awoyemi with her boy and girl twin with husband, Damola Olatinji.

Nigerian celebrity twins (1)

2. Nigerian photographer Toyin Bello aka Ty Bello with her twin boys from husband, Kashetu.

Nigerian celebrity twins (4)

3. Nigerian Yoruba actress  Taiwo Aromokun with her twin boys, Jaden Anjeoreoluwa and Jamie Anjolaoluwa.

Nigerian celebrity twins (6)

4. Nigerian Yoruba actor, Femi Ogendegbe with his boy and girl twin with his wife, Nkechi.

Nigerian celebrity twins (3)

5. Nollywood producer and writer, Emem Isong with her twin boy and girl, with husband, Misodi Akama.

Nigerian celebrity twins (5)

6. Nigerian footballer Mikel Obi with twin girls from his girlfriend, Olga.

Nigerian celebrity twins (7)

7.  Nigerian singer Muma Gee with her boy and girl twin, Ceaser and Cleo with her husband, Prince Eke.

Nigerian celebrity twins (2)

8. Nigerian Ex-beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo, with her boy and girl twin via a surrogate.

Nigerian celebrity twins (1)

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