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After Tiwa savage’s manager and husband, Tunji Balogun A. K. A Teebillz, went on social media last week to call out his wife accusing her to have slept with Tuface, Dr. Sid and Don Jazzy, amongst other serious allegations, after which he made an attempt to commit suicide by trying to jump inside a Lagos Lagoon; Tiwa in about 48 hours also granted an interview on camera narrating her own side of the story.

In the highly emotional interview, which some people believe was staged by her PR team to attract public sympathy for her, the singer accused her husband and father of her son of cheating whenever she was not in the country, taking cocaine, stealing from her as a manager, involved in a 45million Naira fraud case being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), amongst other allegations.
Most people are of the opinion that Tiwa Savage shouldn’t have gone to the extent of revealing all the incriminating allegations about Teebillz even if those allegations were true, as doing that shows that she was bent on destroying him, when it’s obvious the man needed help; this was a man who wanted to commit suicide!

Many also faulted the parts of the interview where Tiwa Savage kept mentioning that she was the breadwinner. The truth is that men have been breadwinners from creation without anyone complaining, should it now be a big deal to some women whenever they find themselves in a position to provide for the family, due to circumstances which make their men unable to be breadwinners?

Amid her failed attempt at winning public sympathy with the interview, Tiwa was also heavily blasted by many, especially some women folk who told her to keep her mouth shut for saying she could not be the breadwinner and still have time to cook for her man; according to them there are many women in this country, who due to circumstances find themselves becoming the breadwinner and still cook for their family. Yet, their marriages are still very intact.

All in all, there are a couple of lessons to take home from the saga and one of them is the fact that Teebillz has himself to be blame for his woes because he allowed his drive for Tiwa’s success to derail him from his own personal visions (if he had any to start with)

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Lesson 1: A man without a dream is dead
Tiwa confessed in the interview that Teebillz work so hard and sacrificed to see her succeed when she was trying to find her feet in the industry.
However, after she was successful, Teebillz was not able to forge ahead with his own personal dreams, instead he kept hanging on to Tiwa’s, and some women when they start doing better than the man, honestly, starts to feel that their husband does not deserve them. This was obviously one of the problems with Tiwa and Teebillz’s marriage.

Obviously, Tiwa expected him to do something with himself instead of just being her manager, when she said in the interview; “I had to pay for everything so that he can go out and hustle, and get the contracts. He didn’t have money for diapers, but he had money to have a bi-weekly haircut, had money to pay for his laundry.”
Teebillz should have taken a cue from P-Square’s elder brother and manager, Jude Okoye, who had his own record label while still managing the twins. His record label, Northside Inc, gave birth to the sensational Dancehall star, Cynthian Morgan. Jude is also into music directing and he is highly sought-after. It was this side incomes that enable Jude to have his own larger-than-life personality instead of being overshadowed by the stardom of his brothers. It was also this knowledge that gave Jude the confidence to call his brothers’ bluff during their recent drama.
Thefirst lesson is, it’s totally fine to support your woman’s dream, but never lose focus of your own dream. But unfortunately, Teebillz failed to hustle (as Tiwa put it) for his own dream.

Lesson 2: What goes around, comes around

It’s been said that Karma is a Dam! That statement can’t be any truer. The announcement of Tiwa and Teebillz’s relationship about three years ago, stirred a lot of dust owing to the fact that Teebillz was married with two children to a woman in the London. Therefore, Tiwa is believed to have snatched Teebillz from his wife and children. Teebillz himself denied his wife in the London just to be with Tiwa, a celebrity. Today, that woman has got the last laugh. Tiwa and Teebillz have now been served a hefty dose of the bitter medicine they concocted for the poor woman in the London.

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Lesson 3: Before you kill yourself over any man or woman, think again

I won’t say that you should not kill yourself at all. In Charly Boy’s voice, ‘na u know wetin make you think say the solution to your wahala na to kpeme’. Teebillz wanted to kill himself because of Tiwa Savage, when their issues could have been easily resolved through dialogue. If not for the miraculous intervention of a stranger named Ani Chukwuma and Banky W and Peter Okoye who showed up in the nick of time, we would have been saying Rest in Peace to Teebillz by now. And Tiwa Savage would have still continued to shake her tiny “bumbum” in music videos and on stage even before Teebillz is buried.
Or is it not the same Tiwa whom despite the ongoing serious marriage issues, was pictured shooting a new music video with her dancers barely 5 days of the drama which almost had her husband committing suicide.

Just hours ago, Tiwa was also pictured on set of a new episode of Funke Akindele’s TV series, Jenifa’s Diary, all smiles. Although, you shouldn’t be surprised about the Funke Akindele’s part, because you know what they say about birds of a feather.
Not that one expects Tiwa to go and hang herself, but here is woman who just lost her marriage, (not a piece of jewelry) and her husband had just been rescued from committing suicide over an issue he claimed has to do with her.
What does all that implies to Tiwa? This is logically not the time to move on, but a time for sober reflection. You can move on discreetly.

Lesson 4: Never marry out of pity

Marry someone because you truly want them, not based on pity or compensation. You are meant to be with this person forever, and you shoud ask yourself if the reason for which you are marrying them can sustain your interest in them forever, even in the most violent storms of life. From the interview Tiwa Savage granted, what she said about Teebillz working hard and sacrificing for her career shows that she might have chosen to marry him because of that, or probably Tiwa Savage just wanted someone to help her produce a baby, and Teebillz appeared to be the perfect man for that purpose. If you check the part she mentioned that she told a friend the marriage was over after Teebillz Internet rant, you would realise that the marriage meant nothing to her in the first place.

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Lesson 5: A rotten ingredient cannot make a good meal

Marriage is not for irresponsible people. If everything Tiwa savage said about Teebillz is anything to believe, then aside from Tiwa’s many short-comings, Teebillz’s irresponsible lifestyle is highgrade.

Just read some of her accusations; “I walked in on TJ taking cocaine in my house in 1004 (Victoria Island, Lagos). I didn’t even know he takes cocaine. I walked into the kitchen, and I saw him taking cocaine, so I screamed, and asked if that is cocaine. HE started screaming that ‘What am I doing down here, where is the cocaine?’ How can someone without money take cocaine? I called his parents and complained that I can deal with weed, but cocaine, no. So I am dealing with his alcohol problem, you come home late, infidelity, coaciane, bad debt, jealousy over my success.”

Finally, it is worthy of note that during the interview, when asked, Tiwa never denied sleeping with Tuface, Don Jazzy, and Dr. Sid, as Teebillz initially accused her of. What most people didnot observe is that, she gave a very smart and dodgy answer there by saying that she never cheated on her husband when she replied;
“I have never cheated on my husband. Not with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, 2face Idibia or anybody. I have never cheated on my husband, and Tunji knows this. He knows that in his heart.”

The question was supposed to be whether she slept with those people her husband said she has slept with, and if Tiwa Savage slept with those people way before she got married to Teebillz, then ofcourse she never cheated on her husband.

But does that mean she has denied sleeping with Tuface, Don Jazzy and Dr. Sid?

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