Nigerian rapper 2Shotz has been accused by his wife Precious Jones of domestic violence.

In a series of leaked WhatsApp messages between the rapper’s wife and her friend, she narrates how the popular rapper laid his hands on her.

2Shotz started becoming violent was last year when he pushed his wife to the ground when she was in so much pain from a medical condition.

Things got worse this year when he slapped her after he called her a whore in front of their daughter. A few weeks ago he threatened to take their daughter’s passport so that she couldn’t go back with her in Ireland.

In the chat, she revealed that 2Shotz is not making any income and she is the one who has been footing his bills. 2 Shotz allegedly also said that he wants Precious Jones to be a ‘furniture wife’ who will just go out to events and not talk.

Things got really bad when he started kicking, punching and beating her. The act of violence reportedly affected their daughter as 2Shotz mistakenly slapped her.

2 Shotz, Precious Jones2 Shotz, Precious Jones

 Precious Jones also revealed that 2Shotz threatened to release their sex tape.

Read the entire chat below;

In 2013, actress and former video vixen Beverly Osu accused 2Shotz of beating and assaulting her when they were dating.

2Shotz denied laying hands on her. Even his wife came out to say that her husband did not beat Beverly Osu.

Precious Jones is currently in Ireland with her daughter.

2Shotz’s daughter Ariella Chidiebube was born on Friday, March 13, 2015 in Ireland. 2shotz and wife Precious Jones married on Friday, April 12, 2013 at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry

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