The Bitch Series #25

With every new sun, comes a new day. A new beginning, a new hope that things would be different and better than it was yesterday – Eep, The Croods. * * * * * After all the drama she went through with Richard, Zainab’s attitude and view towards love and life in general changed. She started to view love as an excuse to get hurt and even though she never really voiced it out. She made a mental vow not to fall in love again. Thanks to Richard’s one hundred million which had been completely paid in to her account, she had more than enough more than enough money to spend on spending. As good friends with Jummy, she bought Jummy a brand new sleek Toyota Camry, 2013 edition, Jummy was more than excited. You need to be there to understand exactly how Jummy reacted because it’s something that can’t really be typed. She had earlier left “Let’s Talk Relationship” with E.A because after all that they went through, working together felt weird, so she left. As expected, she started receiving hundreds of offers to host different shows from different companies and after much deliberation with the help of Jummy, she made her choice and picked one.

She picked to work as a director on multiple programs at Tunde Owolabi Productions (aka TOP). TOP, owned by Nigeria fourth richest man – Tunde Owolabi, was and still is a production company just like the Wale Adenuga Production and as a matter of fact, was an arch-rival. TOP specialised in soap operas, movies, TV programs and many more. So Zainab was glad when she got the offer from them to be a general director, she had years of experience in show biz, so she assumed it would be a piece of cake, but maybe she was wrong. * * * * * MONDAY MORNING, two weeks after the court case… As Jummy cruised into the car park of GNP, she spotted the free spot which had a sign board with: “RESERVED (asst branch manager)” written on it. She smiled and parked right at the front of the sign board. She stepped out of the car and purposely walked to the exit before pressing the “Lock” button on the car’s remote, a sharp click sound followed which signified the doors have been locked. She loved the “Ghen-Ghen” feeling it gave her. She stylishly waved the few hair that were over her shoulder backwards and catwalked into the building feeling like Bruce Lee, she felt exceptionally happy that morning.

It had been a wonderful weekend for her as John being the most romantic guy on this earth – according to her, took her out to over four different places and occasions all in the span of the usual two days weekend break (Saturday and Sunday). It all started on Friday night, he picked her up from her office after work hours and drove her straight to “Golden Gate” where she had the best dinner she had had in years and afterwards, he dropped her home then with just a kiss, he took off. From the way he acted, having sex with her wasn’t even in his dictionary and that made Jummy feel luckier – a man who isn’t interested in sex but loves her for who she is. “What more can I ask for?” She thought. Saturday morning, he called her and by 1PM, they were already on their way to Oniru Private Beach to chill out. Just when Jummy thought that was all he had under his sleeves, they left the beach by 5PM, and by 10PM, they were off to show which feature top class celebrities like 3Face and P-Cube, it was an all-night show.

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By 3AM Sunday morning, he dropped her at her door steps and once again, he kissed her and went home. She slept for the rest of the morning, down to 12PM before she finally decided to wake up and once again, John called and they both went for a Christian comedy show. Jummy was blown away. John was romantic, kind hearted and also a Christian. So the glow on her face on Monday morning was massive and obvious that as she stepped into her office and saw Stephen sitting on the visitor’s seat without any invitation, she didn’t frown, she was too happy to let a jobless Stephen spoil her mood. “Someone seems to be in a good mood this morning,” Stephen finally said as he watched her drop her bag and switch on her system without even uttering a word to him. Jummy decided to use the advantage to make a point to Stephen, “You are right, I had the best weekend ever with my BOYFRIEND.” She made sure Stephen noticed she was purposely emphasising on “boyfriend.” Stephen shrugged, “Oh! I see.” “Yeah! You won’t believe what he did. I don’t know how he knew it but he fulfilled all my dreams in one weekend.

I’ve been dying to go to that new Golden Gate eatery down the block since it opened but haven’t had the time or right companion to go with… And guess what?” Jummy asked grinning. “What?” Stephen asked irritated, he definitely wasn’t interested. “He took me there on Friday evening for dinner!” Jummy replied excitedly, she seemed to be enjoying the effect her story was having on Stephen. “And you won’t believe where he took me to on Saturday!” Jummy replied. Stephen stared at his shoes and murmured, “Like I give a fuck.” Jummy heard him but ignored him and went ahead to tell him, “he took me to the beach and then we headed to that show Etisalat hosted and you know how Etisalat parties are like, right? Not like this our stingy GNP.” Jummy hissed. Stephen just stared at Jummy in silence, he felt like stabbing her. Jummy felt she had tortured him enough and decided to pity him, “pardon my manners, what are you doing here anyway?” She asked calmly. “I just wanted to give you this.” Stephen handed over a letter and grinned, there was something suspicious about the grin and Jummy noticed it but she had no idea what it could be. She took the letter and read the contents her glow faded.

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She looked at Stephen disgusted, “how long would this trip be?” “Two weeks.” Stephen replied, grinning widely than before. “Why am I going with you? Why not Mrs Ogbonaya? After all she is the boss around here.” Jummy asked, looking for an excuse. “We are the bosses around here, point of correction,” Stephen replied. “And we can’t both leave the company for two weeks in the hands of a newly promoted assistant manager who knows nothing about managing a company. This trip would help you familiarise with an aspect of managing.” Jummy bowed her head on her desk in frustration. The letter was from the headquarters and it instructed her and Stephen to go to China for business purposes. GNP wanted to sign a deal with a telecommunication company in China and so they sent them both. This meant two weeks without John and two week all alone with the one person she despised the most, Stephen. Stephen stood up from the seat and adjusted his suit. He walked to the door and opened it, before he stepped out, he turned to Jummy, “it would be fun, trust me.” He walked away laughing out loud. He sounding like one of those evil scientist in cartoons.

* * * * * SAME MONDAY Just like Jummy, Zainab cruised into the car park of TOP Company and parked at the reserved spot for the director. It was her first day on the job and she had purposely dressed to kill. She wore a knee length red gown that complimented her dark complexion and showed off her to-kill-for curves. She held a portable Versace hand bag and Jimmy Choo four inches high heels. As she walked into the company, all heads turned towards her, even the females couldn’t help but stare at her. Zainab noticed over a thousand eyes on her and wasn’t sure if it was her killer outfit that warranted such stare or the fact that a big shot like her was in their presence. Either way, she loved the attention. A young man, about twenty-one, obviously younger than Zainab was the first to go and speak to her as she stood at the entrance staring at the vast building in confusion – she didn’t know where exactly to go to. He was somewhere in between macho and average, he had a reasonable amount of flesh in the right places and he was pretty good looking, he probably had a couple of girls that would be crushing on him, but at the same time, something about him that held this not-interested-in-girls look “Hello!” He said excitedly. “Hello,” she replied and looked down at him.

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Thanks to her heels, she was a few inches taller than him. “I’m Michael and I’ve been asked to show you around. So for the time being, consider me as your own personal secretary or something like that.” “Oh! Thanks Mike, I was already about wondering where exactly I was meant to start.” Zainab replied and gave him a warm smile which made him blush. “Err… Zainab, it’s no problem, as a matter of fact, I’m a huge fan of yours and I think am lucky to be able to learn from you. I’m just an intern here.” Michael replied. “Oh! I’m flattered.” Zainab replied and gave him that warm smile again. “So where exactly are we going to start from?” She asked immediately trying to change the topic. “Oh! I’ve got your schedule at my desk over there, if you don’t mind we can head over there before I take you to your office.” Zainab nodded in approval and followed him. He handed over to her a thick file. She stared at it in surprise, “what is inside that?” She asked. “Your schedule for the week, your first official duty starts in about an hour so I’ll advice you to start getting familiar with the contents right away,”

Michael stood up from his chair, “let me show you your office.” Zainab followed him as they went through a corridor with about four doors on about both sides, each door had different tags at the front of them. Tags like: Dressing Room and Make up Room. They stopped at the front of the last door by the left which had “DIRECTOR” written on it. “Here we are,” Michael said. Michael handed her the file. “Good luck,” he said and just before he turned to walk away he added, “You would need it. And welcome to TOP.” Zainab nodded in silence and looked at the large file in her hand. “God help me,” she sighed.



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