Hair loss is said to be one of the most common hair issues. With the advent of new styling techniques for hair, hair loss has increased significantly. Use of chemicals and hair styling treatments badly affect hair (most of the times). It has been seen that people who use chemicals and gels more often have weak hair.

Introducing Jamaican Black Castor Oil – JBCO



Below is a review from Joan after using the product for 5 months

Because of this product, I no longer use Minoxidil or Latisse!!! A MUST-buy for your hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes! Yes, Eyelashes!! This gem of an oil is our #1 best kept beauty secret ladies! (And gentlemen, of course) Let me tell you the 3 major ways this oil has changed my life.

1) Hair: Female hairloss is a family trait that I have been blessed with. I have very fine hair to begin with, and it started thinning in my late 20’s. I used Minoxidil for the last 2 years to help with this. It’s very expensive for daily use and really trashes the existing hair you have, especially if it’s longer. It did not help me to regrow any hair, but it did stop more from falling out. About 2 months ago I learned about this product and immediately noticed a difference. Within a couple of weeks my hair was fuller, and I had regrowth! I’m talking about new hair, growing fast, and the condition of the length of my hair improved so much! At bedtime, I use an eyedropper and massage a few drops into my scalp every night. It’s amazing!

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2) Eyebrows: In my teens I tweezed my eyebrows to practically nothing. Then when I decided to grow them out in my 20’s they grew back patchy and I still had to draw and fill them in. I thought I would have to do this for the rest of my life, but I thought since I had such great success using the oil on my hair, maybe, just maybe it could help my brows. And I was blown away! My eyebrows started growing back after about a week of using this daily. After 1 month, they are almost to where they were before I went tweezer crazy (and that was over 15 years ago!) They are so much fuller and the bald patches are filling in nicely. I no longer have to “draw” them in, just simply groom and define them. For me, this is amazing. I was always self conscious of anyone, even my hubby of 12 years, seeing me without my eyebrows on. Now, I actually look normal without any make-up. lol. I just dip a q-tip in some of the oil and apply to my eyebrows every night before bed.

3) Eyelashes: Naturally since my hair was, hehe I love saying WAS, so fine and thinning, my eyelashes were as well. They were fuller in my teens so I never thought I would have a problem with them. But now in my thirties, they began to thin, and were even a lot shorter than I remember. I used Latisse and must say I had good results from it. But, the product was expensive for me to keep using. Finances are troublesome for my family right now and I had to make some cut-backs on “luxury” items. I cried as I watched my eyelashes lose their fullness and length. So, of course with the great results I had with my hair and eyebrows, I decided to try this on my lashes. I am so glad I did! My eyelashes are fuller, softer, longer, conditioned, and don’t fall out anymore. I use a spoolie brush, but Q-tips or an old clean mascara wand will do just as good. I apply it to my top and bottom lashes very close to the lash line every night before bed, and also on my top lashes before applying make-up in the morning.

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This is such an easy thing to add to your daily regimen, and is so much cheaper than buying all of the other products I formerly used. I encourage everyone to try this. It really is no joke. This little bottle of oil has changed my life!


Where to buy in Nigeria?

You can buy the original Jamaican Castor oil on Konga


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