Although, sexual intercourse isn’t the only way one can contract the lentivirus that causes Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), medical experts have proven it is the fastest way many are infected.

However, while some people stick to condom, there are other ways which to easily escape the dreadful virus which is fast growing into a threat to many people all around the world. Here are top ways you can prevent the infection:

1. Abstinence 
This is the most effective way to guide against contracting HIV. Abstinence simply means staying away from sexual activities until you are married. At this time, you and your partner would have checked your status and be rest assured that you both are whole and hale without any medical conditions that can make you open to the contracting sexually transmittable diseases including HIV.

2. Be selective
Although abstinence is the greatest way to shield oneself from contracting HIV, however, being selective with your sexual partners if you cannot do without sex, is another way that can help you greatly. Yes, you cannot know anyone with the virus just by looking at their face but you sure can ‘do your list’.You cannot have sexual activities with an opposite sex who you know has multiple sexual partners and still think you are safe from the virus. This and more are some of the things to consider if you truly love yourself. If you are extremely selective about the partners you choose, then you can significantly reduce your chances of contracting HIV.

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3. Get treated for any sexually transmitted disease immediately
Some people do self medication to take care of themselves. While this can be slightly overlooked in some quarters, when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, you have to properly treat it with immediate effect. This is because, while getting tested for HIV, it may come to light that you have contracted a different STD from one of your partners. The presence of any STD in your system can significantly increase your chances of contracting HIV. You should get treated for any STD the moment it is discovered to lower your chances of getting HIV. Also, make sure you always talk to your doctor about any changes you notice with your body. HIV is better taken care of when it is detecetd early in the body system.

4. Stick To One Partner
This is probably one of the surest ways to prevent HIV. If you have a partner who is also sexually true to you alone without having other partners aside from you, you can be rest assured to be prevent contracting HIV.

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