This is the 21st century so it is safe to say that with technology everything is possible – well maybe not everything as in everything but yea, you know what I mean. So, while we agree that antennas, monophonic ringtones and physical keyboards have long disappeared from mobile phones (smartphones), however, there is an extent to which we can assume new technological advancements per time. Come’on TECNO!

Waking up to a series of too hot to ignore leak photos and rumor specifications of the soon to be released TECNO CAMON smartphone which was sent in by a reliable source last night. Don’t get me wrong, over the years, TECNO has released a couple of disruptive devices, however these ones are just too good to be true. Curved edges, sleek design and luxurious finishing, the images speak of a device that should be released in 2019 so you see why I question its legitimacy.

Look beyond the absence of bezels and its massive 18:9 FHD screen, the main highlight of the latest CAMON is expected to be its spectacular camera specs – of course that’s what the CAMON has always been about you’d say, however, with this particular device, things have been spiced up really good. First things first, I hear the device is going to be a phenomenal Selfie making machine donning a massive 33M high pixel front camera with dual image processor that guarantees fast and clear images. Now if this is true, then it will be a major leap from the 16MP which the last CAMON – the CX came with.

The front camera is also said to have dual crystal-clear flashlights positioned beside it with the option of adjusting the brightness effect using gestures so as to ensure adequate quantity of light in every image depending on its environment per time. Remarkable indeed!

Bringing it back home, several tech enthusiasts have pointed out the possibility of TECNO introducing her own revolutionary Face ID technology which will hold that of the iPhone X in the jugular and leave it begging for an overhaul. This new technology is said to include live monitoring and its functionality is believed to have been given an affirmative nod by a reputable global security body. With this technology, I doubt anyone would want to use the fingerprint unlock feature anymore let alone the pass code because the Face ID is expected to be faster, safer and more encompassing. If this is anything to go by, I doubt if that of TECNO will be fast and smooth. But let’s wait and see.

Really, if the new CAMON is anything close to what these leaked photos have revealed in terms of design and specifications, then you can be rest assured that by the time you add the regulars of a standard 2.0GHz Octa-core processor, photos & videos enhancer, good battery life, stylish colors and a well packed accessories box then you can be rest assured that the new CAMON will be one of the best smartphones to sit in the palm of smartphone enthusiasts.

On a last note, I am sure it must run the latest Google Android 8.0. I am hoping all this will be true. Hurry up TECNO, let’s have it.

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