Pregnant Coleen Rooney may have dropped her wedding ring but pals say she will never leave disgraced hubby Wayne because of her strict sense of family and religious beliefs.

Although fans have joked the WAG will remain with Everton striker Wayne for his £80million fortune, their pals have revealed that Coleen will stay with her husband of nine years as she loves him and their family.

Wayne previously disgraced himself when it was revealed he slept with prostitutes while Coleen was pregnant with their first child, Kai – who was born in November 2009.

The couple also have two other sons – Klay and Kit born in May 2013 and January 2016 respectively.

Pals say although Coleen will stay with her husband, she refuses to make life easy for him and is giving him a grilling.

“She loves him, but more than that, she loves family. Most of the time he’s a good husband and a hands-on of Wayne’s mates told The Sun.
“Some years ago after one of his other idiotic drunken sprees she gave him a big lecture and he asked if she wanted to call it a day. She was forced to admit that divorce is not something she wanted to think about.”

Coleen is very religious and is from a Catholic family, her parents, Tony and Colette are always on hand to help and her brothers are friendly with Wayne.

Their marriage is in hot water after Wayne was charged with drink driving after being caught behind the wheel of busty party girl Laura Simpson’s Volkswagen after a booze binge.

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Laura is reported as boasting she was going to engage in full sex with Wayne if they had not been stopped by the cops.

The UK Sun

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