After Ander Herrera’s sending off for a foul on Eden Hazard, the players surrounded referee Michael Oliver and have admitted to a charge of misconduct

Manchester United have been fined £20,000 by the Football Association for misconduct during their FA Cup quarter-final defeat to Chelsea on Monday. The Red Devils saw Ander Herrera booked twice for a second foul on Eden Hazard, going on to lose 1-0 through a goal from N’Golo Kante.

Several United stars surrounded referee Michael Oliver after he brandished the red card in the 35th minute in protest, and the club were subsequently charged by the FA.

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20 thoughts on “Manchester United In Trouble With FA Over Eden Hazard”

  1. This is selfish from the referee and even F.A it self.All they don’t want united to win that game. so F.A command the referee to do what ever possible to see that Chelsea have win that game against man utd.we all know F.A and England Referees are the enemies of mourinho and man utd. we have already knows that

    1. we have already knows…..hahaha…English is your problem idiot.
      All they don’t want united to win that game….go back to skul.

    2. don’t be stupid….d same refereez won u d EFL trophy…and how many offside goals have counted for u dis season….who knowz refereez more Dan man utd…and d same ref admitted he saw rojo stamp shut up and stop being a cry baby

    3. you didn’t watched this game because what you are saying is something that in fact person don’t know football will say.

  2. this session England ref are supporting Chelsea in all competition, fa no that if united beat Chelsea in that match man u is going too final,that is y they appoint this ref.

    1. becos you are among the board members. abeg go and slep.wen Ferguson was winning matches with ref helping u guys you were dia singing glory glory Man United.u didn’t complain about the ref helping you guys now u want to really need u remember the season that chelsea was leading you guys by 3 goals and the ref awarding two penalty and 2 red card against chelsea Torres was given red card in that match .den later you guys came back to 3-3.did u complain about the rubbish decision of the ref.nonsense

  3. Alaske did you even watch the match at all? it was as if all man u players were deliberately trying to injure hazard. people ought to see beyond there noses before commenting on issues they lack ideas about

  4. England FA actually hates Mourinho most especially Michael Oliver. This match was not the first, and the FA don’t care, all they want is money and this reasons hinder most valuable players around the world not to come to England to play football, cause referees don’t protect players but that interest that brings in more money to the FA.

    1. The ref was actually trying to protect one of the England star player from being injured. dats Hazard.

  5. Firstly, the possession was 73% – 27%, I don’t know where man utd would have beat Chelsea, when they started injuring our players mostly Eden Hazard others were now afraid of them because we have a potential in our hand unlike them, if not that Mourinho is poor, look at that same Hazard he bet to protect with all his life from the opponents, in fact Mourinho is a real Judas.

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