As you withdraw your irresponsible army on Friday 14/09/17 from Abia, the work of documenting your authorised torture, extra judicial killings & dehumanization of my people Ndi Igbo had already begun.

You have only just showed the plan you ‘ve always had for my people. Your murderous invasion of the entire South East to oppress but intimidate Ndi Igbo will never deter some of us to bringing to the world purview of your hate filled leadership against my people.

You have completely failed in your bid to assassinate Nnamdi Kanu even today who has himself never killed any one rather all that he wanted was for you to declare a referendum and let the people of South East and those in the South South who wish to be part of the independent state of Biafra to vote. You did not offer any but to roll out amoured tanks based on your order to crush agitators which your unprofessional army killed a lot of Igbos between Sunday 10 th September to date. Those that you killed will not die in vain, the struggle to achieve Biafra has only just begun, get ready because you will have to kill many of us until that sacred binding agitation is completely achieved.

We are in a democracy and to you VP who ought to know better, you have shamelessly proven that you are not a senior lawyer to be respected.

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