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‘I hate you but still love you, its like I want to throw you off the cliff and then rush down to save you’

-Melody Madison


Nothing much had changed, although time had been strangely fast.

The entire first semester had come and gone without much drama, my examinations were also good and at long last and my year one results were released and pasted on the notice board at the front of the ‘Management Faculty’.

I can still remember the day it was pasted.

It was one of those days when the weather makes you feel like making babies, that kind of weather in which we youths are quick to say;

‘Weather for two’.

How do you guys want our country to grow when instead of planting Yam, you guys run to your lovers house to keep warm.

I know I’m innocent of this, and don’t care what you all think .

We had just had a long series of lecturing as all our lectures came that day, which I assumed was just one of the signs the end time.

I noticed when Wizzy left the hall to receive a call and came in back few minutes later only to announce to us that the results have been pasted on the sign board.

Some girls who still had secondary school mentality packed all their belongings and ran to the faculty as if they were told the result was running away the very next minute.

We the ‘big boys’ didn’t seem to act bothered as neither of us moved, but I was sure we all had mixed feelings, while some of us were scared others were probably just anxious.

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More than half of the whole department had moved to the faculty to check their results before I and David stood up and made for the faculty.

David is just one of the few people I talk to and hang out with during school hours.

The Faculty was crowded with students and staffs from all nooks and corners of uniport, while some students were making a lot of noise maybe due to the fact they passed their exams, others were as calm as the midnight sea probably because they had failed.

I had been so confident I wouldn’t pass, until the moment of truth came. As David and I walked towards the sign board, I started feeling feverish and sick;

‘What if my scripts had gone missing? Or maybe I forgot to write my name? Or perhaps I simply failed?’ Those were the thoughts that crossed my mind.

We finally got to the signed board and after we had pushed and bitten our way through, we had the board right at our front.

The lists were as long as the River Nile, the actual names of the students had been expertly cut off with a razor blade, leaving just the matriculation numbers and grades.

David and I went down to business as we started scanning the list for our names, after a minute or two, David saw his name and with just saying;

‘I dey wait for you outside, do fast check’ he left the crowd.

I didn’t need to be told he didn’t do as well as he had hoped, at that point, I had goose bumps.

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After scanning the board for another minute I saw my Matric number and what I saw nearly made me ‘fall my hands’ as I felt like screaming and jumping in joy. I had not only passed, but passed well.

I hastily walked out of the department so freely as if I had just offloaded a huge burden of my chest.

‘O boy, how your result na?’ David asked me as I caught up with him.

‘Their papa! I show them say me and them no be mate na’ I replied boasting.

‘Meaning say you scatter the exam?’ he asked further.

‘Sure na, abi you no dey hear English for afternoon?’

‘Ok oh, congrats’ He replied coldly and started walking away.

‘guy, wetin dey happen? Your result no click well?’ I inquired.

‘I get two carry overs and an ‘E” he replied sincerely.

That was a very horrible result and we both knew it, but in times like that, you don’t say the fact to the victim, Rather you console and encourage;

‘No worry jhur, all would be well’ were the words I found myself saying.

The truth is I don’t really know how to comfort people and I hate being showed sympathy, it just saddens me the more.

Anyway that was quite a while ago.

Back to my story…


It was a weekend and as usual, the whole lodge was half empty as people had gone to spend the weekend with relatives or whatever they do during weekends.

I was already at the verge of being broke, so I decided to go and spend the weekend at my aunts place.

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I packed a small bag of things I might need and left the house with just Urch in it as Tayo had already left to.

Sandra, Amaka and Chidinma too had travelled too, leaving just Urch all alone.

‘Why is this guy staying school even though he has so many options of places where he could spend the weekend, or does he want boredom to kill him?’ I pondered as I entered a Taxi and watch him wave at me from a distance.

The only problem was I wished I hadn’t wondered why, because the answer to the ‘Why’ was an answer which changed everything.


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