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I scratched my head looking for what to say when it hit me! I had nowhere to crash for the night since going back home to Urch big head and Chidinma the churchy sex freak was a double no.

‘Ermm, I know it’s too much to ask and if you say no, I’ll understand,’ I started to say, but paused for a second to chose my words wisely, ‘ but can I spend the night at your place?” I concluded.

‘hmm, and why would you want to do that?” she asked.

I wasn’t ready to tell her the truth so I just said;

‘My roommates aren’t around and I locked myself out forgetting the key inside the house. I’ll sleep on the floor so you won’t even know am there’

‘Hmm, ok then, come along’ she replied.

‘Wow! Thanks a lot, I owe you one’ I replied.

‘Like seriously? Just one?” she asked grinning excessively.

For the first time that night, my lips formed into a smile.

‘oh am sorry, I mean I owe you two, or better still 3, in fact let’s just say 100, or do you want more numbers?”

‘I thought you would say you would be forever indebted to me’ she replied still grinning widely.

I scratched my head, ‘ermm,… That one would be hard oh, I’ll think about it’ I said jokingly and we both giggled out loud.

‘We had better be going home, it’s getting really dark. I live just down the street,’ she replied, when we were done laughing.

‘Alright, lead the way,’ I replied and followed her as she led me to her house.

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When we got to her apartment, PHCH held the power supply and she didn’t switch on the generator, or maybe she didn’t have one. She rather switched on a very bright lamp which radiated more than enough light round the entire room.

Her room was exactly what I’ll call fancy but it was nice and simple.

The room was painted yellow and since it wasn’t tiled she had a pink carpet laid on the floor. The only electronics were a TV set, a DVD player and a standing fan. A queen sized bed was placed at one of the extreme corners of the room with a table and chair at another corner, on the table was a couple of opened books, the holy bible inclusive.

But what really cut my attention was a painting of her which hung on the wall, she looked so beautiful in the portrait that I had to ask;
‘Is that you?” pointing at the portrait

‘Yes it me. Is something wrong with it?” she asked.

‘no, not at all, it’s just that…” I turned to look at her in the face and I noticed she looked ‘fantabolous’ ‘beautifiliam’, ‘lovealtius’ and so on. Don’t bother checking your dictionary for the meaning of those words; the truth is the dictionary didn’t have enough words to describe her so I just had to form my own words. The question was why didn’t I notice this stunning beauty earlier?.

‘It’s just that what?” she asked getting curious.

‘ermm… It’s just that you look beautiful’

I could see her cheeks getting red as she blushed and kept quiet.

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‘So which floor would I sleep on?” I asked, breaking the silence.

‘Choose any floor you want’ she replied smiling.

‘Hmm, ok.. Thanks’

I watched go into the bathroom and come out few minutes later putting on a night gown. Then she jumped on her bed.

I glanced round the room and found the best spot for sleeping, I slowly laid down when she asked;

‘what do you think you are oing?”

‘Is that a rhetorical question? Am trying to sleep na’ I replied.

‘You are very silly, I was just joking when I said you can sleep on the floor na. Come and sleep on the bed, there is more than enough space unless you insist’

who would see a soft queen sized bed and a hard floor but yet pick the floor over the bed? No one I guess.

I joined her on the bed.

I know what you are thinking right now, but ‘NO!” nothing happened, ironically enough, it didn’t even cross my mind.


I was woken up the next day by an already dressed Queeneth who carried a Gucci bag ready to leave the house;

‘I’m going to school now, keep the kept under the carpet when you are leaving, take care’ and she left.

‘Wow! That’s strange, how come this girl isn’t worried about leaving a stranger in her house?’ I thought.

I looked at the time and it was just 8am. I had a 7am lecture that morning but wasn’t in the mood and besides, I was already an hour late so I just stood up and headed for her bathroom when my phone rang.

I rushed to pick at after glancing at the phone screen to see it was Sandra and not Urch or even Chidinma.

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‘Hello’ I said as I picked it.

‘Michael, where are you?”

‘I’m somewhere around, what’s up?”

‘Chidinma is in the hospital! She got hit by a hit and run driver last night.’

‘Ehn!?’ I exclaimed.

PS: The next episode after this would be the last episode of the legendary tale and it promises to be suspense filled and revealing. Would I, Michael end up single? Would I somehow find another girl? Would Chidinma die? What would happen to Urch? What would happen to Tayo, and let’s not forget Sandra.

For the grand Finale of “My Complicated Love Story,” “CLICK HERE” (insert next episode link here) to get your answers.


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