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“The girls said she was too cynical about love, but how could she not be? On the surface, relationships between men and women are all about soft-kisses and white gowns and hand-holding. But underneath they is a scary, complicated, ugly mess, just waiting to rise to the surface.

-J. Courtney Sullivan, commencement.


I got to my aunt place quite early in the morning of that day, Saturday to be precise. She sent the maid to call me as soon as I was done showering. I immediately went to see her in the kitchen where she was stirring something in a pot placed on the fire. She seemed to be happy to see me for reasons that weren’t known to me just yet;

‘Hello Michael, how are you doing,’ she asked.

‘I’m fine ma,’ I replied, quite suspicious of the smile she had on her face.

‘Ok, good. I heard your year one results have finally been released’ she replied, not hitting the point yet. I knew where she was heading to but decided to play dumb.

‘Yes ma, I heard it too,’ I replied, trying to stop my lips from curving into a smile.

‘And?” she asked.

‘And what ma?” I inquired, still playing dumb.

She sighed and then finally asked; ‘And how did it go?”

‘It.. err..ermm…” I stuttered and scratched my head, still acting.

‘It what?!” she asked, growing impatient.

You really need to have seen her face at that moment, she looked like she would pounce on me any moment soon;

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‘It was great!” I finally replied before she pounced on me and then busted out in laughter.

She didn’t seem to get the joke as she didn’t join me in laughing.

‘So why were you stammering,’ she asked.

‘I just wanted to see how you would react,’ I replied still laughing.

She just smiled, and shook her head.

There was a brief silence afterwards until I broke the silence asking;

‘So where are the kids na?” I inquired as I had seen none of them since I got to her house.

‘They went to spend the weekend at their grand mum’s place’.

‘Oh! Okay.’

‘Yes, that all I wanted to ask you. You can go now,’ she replied and continued cooking whatever she was cooking. The aroma that filled the kitchen was heaven sent, and I felt a rumble in my tummy.

The rest of my stay wasn’t so much fun neither was it boring. I ate all the food that I could ever want. At a point, I wished I had a similar stomach to that of a ruminant animal, so that I could store more food in my stomach and regurgitated it when it was hungry.

Life in school wasn’t so easy since there are times that there wasn’t food or we all refuse to cook.
I guess that’s what I get for living with two lazy boys.


The journey back to school on Sunday evening after a whole weekend of eating, sleeping and growing fat was rather short and uneventful.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t even realize I had reached my bus stop until the girl who had been staring at me all through the journey tapped me and said;

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‘Aren’t you dropping here at Choba too?”

‘err..ermm…ye..yes, I am,’ I stuttered as my mind was in another world entirely.

I looked through the window and saw I was at my bus stop so I settled the bill, and as per the gentleman I am I paid for her too, she didn’t even object or at least pretend to object.

As we walked down my street I started a conversation;

‘so you stay around here?” I inquired since I had never seen her around the neighbourhood.

‘yea, don’t you know me?” she asked kind of surprised that I didn’t know her.

I tried looking closer at her face to see if it would ring a bell but it didn’t;

‘am sorry, but I don’t think so’ I replied.

‘hmm, that weird, anyway am Queeneth, Sandra and Amaka’s neighbour.

‘oh! you are the Queeneth I’ve heard so much about?” I replied as if I knew her.

The truth is, the name rang a bell but I wasn’t quite sure where I had heard it, so in other not to make her feel bad I just acted like I could remember.

‘what did you hear about me?” she asked rather curious.

‘don’t bother yourself. It’s nothing important sha’ I replied, trying to avoid further questions.

Luckily for me, I got to the gate of my lodge just that moment;

‘This is where I stay’ I told her.
‘ok, cool. It not like I didn’t know before’ She replied.

Long story cut short, we went our separate ways after I took her number, of course. *winks*.


I hummed the tone of 2face’s ‘only me’ track as I walked happily into the compound. I was swinging my arms so vigorously that someone from a distance would assume my arms would soon disconnect from its joints.

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I paraded round the compound in search of someone to frustrate since I was in a super good mood and felt like playing a little but no one familiar was around.

Want to know why I was so happy? Let’s just say I was expecting a fidelity bank alert showing I had be credited with some cool free money from my aunt.

Its funny how money can make someone happy and yet they say money can’t buy happiness, dumb people indeed.

I finally decided to go to my flat and rest since there was no point staying outside.

I got to the door and wanted to know but then a thought crossed my mind;

‘what the point of knocking at the door of my own house?” since I got no answer, I just pushed the door and to my greatest surprise, it wasn’t locked.


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  1. Micheal,to be sincere u r ur really good at this.thumbs up.please write more,write more.I love d fact that u try to put in humour in ur stories

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