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Its one thing to be late for a normal lecture class and it another thing to be late for a C.A test, but being late for a Dr. D.C. Prosper C.A test is an entirely different thing on its own.

The wires in the man’s head used to touch and then spark at times, and he could be very unpredictable.

In a case when two people are late for his class, he might let one enter and send the other one back to his father’s house for reasons best know to him. I often wonder if the man even understands himself.

During the past few weeks in which we ought to have had about nine full lectures on his course, we had have just three and each time he comes with a new improved speed of teaching as he lectures in a heartbreaking speed that only Kyle XY and maybe Superman can keep up.

I had quickly freshened up and literally flew to the Test venue, only for me to get there about five minutes late.

As I walked closer to the door of the lecture hall, I prayed silently under my breath for the man to either be late or just ignore my late coming and let me in.

On getting closer, I could hear his voice and was convinced he was already in the hall, so I had to focus all my prayers on hoping he let me in.

I got closer to the door and stood at a spot where I was sure he could see me, I looked through an opened window of the hall and could see the hall was already filled up with my course mates, most of them were sweating for some unknown reasons .

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‘Shey na only me wey no get this Wizzy message on time?’ I wondered.

After ignoring me for over 15minutes, Dr. Prosper eventually noticed me and then foolishly asked;

‘Young man, can I help you?’

I nearly said; ‘No oh, I just like standing at the door of the lecture hall whenever a test is going on, mumu’ but figured if I said that, I would probably not only miss the test but I’ll carry the course over till thy kingdom come.

‘Sir, I’m a management student’ I finally replied.

‘So what if you are a management student?’ He asked acting like he didn’t get my point.

‘Sir, I’m sorry am late for the test, it would never hap…’

‘Oh! Kindly leave the corridor before I descend on you with annoyance’ He cut me short.

‘Sir, am sorry, I didn’t get the message on time’

He totally ignored my plea and a wire in his head touched as asked for an unusual thing;

‘unbutton your shirt fully, I want to see what’s written on it’

I had buttoned up just the two lower buttons of my shirt since I wore an inner shirt. But what does the writings on my shirt have to do with what we are talking about now? I wondered.

I unbuttoned the shirt and the white undershirt was fully exposed. Boldly written on the shirt was;

‘Where ever I go GOD is with me!’

For some strange reasons, Dr Prosper laughed out loud therefore getting the attention of the students that were already sweating because of his questions which I guess were difficult. He then said;

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‘The bible said that all doors shall be open for who ever God is with, and since your shirt says God is with you, you can enter’

I wasn’t quite sure of what I heard so I stood still, staring at him until he said;

‘I won’t give you any additional time, so if you like keep on standing there’.

At this point I ran into the hall without thinking twice.

I later wrote the test to the best of my capability and understood why everyone was sweating, because I sure sweated too.


I had come to the conclusion that I lived a very complicated life as nothing about me seems to straight forward.

But in the midst of my self proclaimed complicated life, I was sure of one thing. I’ve got friends who now act like family towards me and I sure loved them all, that was the only thing about me that never got twisted or complicated.

Funny as it may seem, meeting Chidinma had set a lot of curvy roads in my life straight.

She had everything I ever wanted from a girl and I loved her, so my days of playing girls and jumping from panties to another seemed to be long gone.

Even Sandra could see the better man I was trying to become due to the love I had for Chidinma, she kept on saying;

‘Michael, ever since you met this Chidinma girl, you have changed in a manner I never thought possible. I now truly believe that change is constant’

Each time she made that statement I just smile in return since I didn’t know what words to reply her with.

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Chidinma too, seemed to be getting closer to I and my ‘family circle’, which includes Sandra, Tayo , Urch and Amaka. She usually spends Some nights in my lodge or Sandra’s lodge. We had all integrated her into the family too, but maybe we shouldn’t have.


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