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I once heard a quite tricky question from a rap song which got me thinking, the rap artiste was like;

‘Is ‘bad’ a bad word?’

I know you can’t answer that question directly.

What does that have to do with my story? You may want to ask. Well, nothing actually, its just one of those random thoughts that pops into my head that I guess should get you thinking too.

Now back to my story…


Temperature was rising, yet the body felt cold; heart was pounding so fast and loud that I could hear the sound; entire body was shivering in absolute fear of the unknown.

All of that and a lot more were my exact predicament and how I felt as the armed men ordered us to lay flat on the floor.

Before going to uniport to acquire both knowledge and most especially a degree, the only time I had seen a gun was when it was held by the police or any other member of the Nigerian armed forces. But having stayed in Port-Harcourt for barely a year, I had not only seen a gun but at several times been threatened with it pointed at my head.

‘Was it a bad idea to school in Uniport? So many bad things had already happened to me and more seemed to be coming my way, is this just fate or is someone from my village sitting at the front of a big pot, trying to bend take my destiny?!’ I pondered totally lost in my thoughts. ‘In fact if I survive this one, I’m leaving uniport and going to another school’ I foolishly concluded, don’t blame me for letting my mind wander so far, but when you are scared, its hard to think properly.

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I was brought back to planet Earth when the armed men made known their sinister intention.

‘Bring out your wallets and phones, remove your wrist watches and jewellery, in fact remove everything of value and drop it in the nylon that is being passed around’ One of the armed men said, he seemed to be the leader of the gang, as he had been doing all the talking so far.

At hearing this order, I felt the urge to stand up and flog all of them. Asin they bought all those ammunition and raided a night club for what? Just to steal things as small as people’s wrist watch.

I was kind of happy because that’s what they all wanted, but I was pissed at the same time because their mate were robbing big banks and stealing millions and this foöls where here spoiling the fun I was having all because of my empty wallet and ‘Aba made’ gucci branded wrist watch.

I’ve always said to myself;

‘I won’t be a robber and would never steal, but if am forced by forces that I beyond me to steal, then I would definitely steal ‘big’. I’ll simply rob the CBN’

PS: CBN- Central Bank of Nigeria.

Anyway, long story cut short, the armed robbers succeeded in ripping the entire occupants of the club off our valuables and then escaped.

As usual and expected of our incompetent Police force, they came an hour after the thieves had long gone.

We all went home after the police made us all to write a statement, which I knew won’t help matters.

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What a long night indeed.


With every sun comes a new day, a new beginning, a hope that things would be better today, than they were yesterday, but not for me.

I had woken up unusually early the next morning even though I had no morning lectures, at least not till 9am.

I looked at the wall clock in the room and the time was roughly 6:30am, what am I doing awake? I asked myself.

Just as I was wondering, I got a text message from a not so weird number. It was one of those numbers that shows on your phone screen when one sends a bulk message via the internet.

Wizzy of recent has been a good course rep as he now used out departmental dues to buy things for the department and of course, send bulk messages to pass informations.

The only problem with bulk messaging is that the messages don’t deliver in immediately at times. They can take as long as 10 hours or more before they reach the recipient.

I clicked on the envelope icon on my phone screen to open the message and the contents shocked me as I was a victim of the the message not delivering on Time, it read;

‘Great Management students, we would have an impromptu MGT 250.1 continuous assessment test tomorrow morning by 7am, please be on time as DR. D.C. Prosper said he won’t handle late comers with mercy. Wizdom (Course rep)’.

I looked at the wall clock and the time was around 6:45am.

‘Nawa oh, Uniport and their wahala’ was all I could say.


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