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It’s funny how we humans are never satisfied, we want the things we can’t have and don’t appreciate the ones we have.

I, being just a mere insignificant human in the midst of over 6 billion people was not an exception to the ‘insatiable’ set.

I had both Chidinma and even Sandra at arms length, but I found myself wanting more, and when I say more, I actually mean just ‘Ify’.

I thought about her and Wizzy living together and all I could imagine was how much sèx she would be giving him; ‘Chai! The girl go kill am with fucck’ I thought.

It took me the entire journey home plus some distractions to get my mind off the thought.

It was already around 11am and I had my next and last lecture for the day by 2pm, so I decided to make the free 3hours count the best way I could think of which of course was to sleep, lazy me right? .

I didn’t really fancy taking a shower so I just undressed, leaving only my boxers on and jumped on the bed.

Certain ‘mind surgeons’ or simply psychological research have proven that the time we human think the most and actually remember most things is actually when our body and soul are both relaxed.

As I was in such state, my mind started wandering, plus different thoughts started crossing my mind, one of the multiple thought made we open my eyes and search for my phone;

‘How come I haven’t heard from my so called new girl friend today?’ I asked myself.

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I caught a glimpse of my phone on the ‘reading’ table at the extreme end of the room, and that alone discouraged me to stand up.

Its not like am lazy or anything like that, but you know that moment when you are about to sleep at night and after much turning and tossing, you finally get a comfortable position and you are like; ‘phew! Nothing would make me stand up from this bed till tomorrow morning’ before you close you eyes to sleep? Well, I was in such position and standing up to go get my phone wasn’t really appealing.

After much ‘hmms’ and ‘ahhhs’ I reluctantly stood up from the bed and went to grab my phone, I immediately dialled Chidinma number.

I didn’t get a response until the third attempt, which was so unlikely of Chidinma.

‘Hey babes what up na? Been dialling your number for ages’ I inquired.

‘err..ermm, sorry, I was busy’ she replied indifferently.

I didn’t have a problem with her reply, but what I had a problem with was the tone she replied me with, it was like ‘why is this guy disturbing me?’, well I wasn’t in the mood to talk about something that wasn’t so much of a problem so I ignored the tone and moved on;

‘how have you been?, haven’t heard from you in a while’ I questioned her.

‘I’ve been just been there..’

‘oh! Ok, so how about your night? Dreamt about me?’ I asked in an attempt to just ease up the weird tension that was already piling up.

‘Na, I didn’t. Err..ermm Michael?’


‘Can we talk later? I’m in school now and my lecturer just stepped in?’

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‘Oh, ok.. No p, I’ll talk to you later, bye’ and I hanged up.

That wasn’t like my Chidinma, she sounded so ‘different’, I thought.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to work myself up over nothing, or so I thought. So I jumped back on the bed and after another tedious round of tossing and turning, I slept off.

Nothing really interesting happened for the rest of the day,


‘Suspect!’ Sandra screamed at me as we played a card game known as ‘JACKPOT’


P.S: Jackpot is a card game in which a minimum of four people play, they are meant to pair up in twos. The cards are sorted out and separated using the different shapes on them then each player picks one out of the different shapes and then an extra card is picked at random before the players start passing different cards amongst themselves. The idea is to get all cards of similar shape and give your partner a sign to say ‘Jackpot’… Ok, am talking too much about the game, if you want to know more you can ask Google.


Anyway, I paired up with Urch while we played against Tayo and Sandra who were also paired up.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked Sandra with my ‘poker face’ hoping she would take back her words since I had four matching cards.

‘I said suspect! Show me two different cards’ she insisted.

I tried cheating and flashed the cards at her so fast she saw nothing, but she wasn’t easily fooled.

I eventually had to drop all matching my cards and pick four different cards, therefore starting all over again.

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She and Tayo celebrated and laughed at me in joy, well I couldn’t blame them.

The game eventually ended with I and Urch losing to Sandra and Tayo.

As they kept on mocking us, Urch ignored them and brought out his phone to make a call, then when the recipient picked up, he walked to the room, probably due to privacy issues. Thoughts of not hearing from Chidinma for a while crossed my mind and I decided to call her but coincidentally her number was busy.

Truly a coincidence? I think not.


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