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‘AM BACK!!! Sorta like I forgot my BB charger/ legend in the making, let the whole gidi gather/ this is not an illusion, confirm it with your iris/ can’t even write no more, sorta like am suffering from arthritis…’ Those were just some lines from one of Erigga’s songs that blasted through Wizzy’s beat by Dre headphones which I plugged to my phone (am not quite sure of the song title).

Both of us being guys that don’t really talk too much didn’t have much to say, so I could notice he was intentionally avoiding chilling with me in the room for long, he kept walking round the whole apartment, from the bathroom to the toilet and then the kitchen, not like he was cooking anything.

The basic idea was to avoid an awkward silence, but I didn’t seem to care because am a huge music freak and I had all the music I need right in my phone and the make it all jolly, I had a wonderful headset to go with it.

Those of you all that use Beat by Dre headphones would understand me better, I just can’t explain the difference between it and other normal headphones.

Anyway, I would had left his place earlier but I really had to see this his ‘female’ roommate.

Wizzy is one guy who due to his physique, looks, brains and political standings can have any girl he wants but he didn’t have a girlfriend, or so I thought.

So the fact that he lived with a female who ain’t a relative made curious and of course, turn on my amebo mode.

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P.S. Amebo is an informal word for a gossip.

At a point wizzy ran out of reasons to walk round the apartment and finally sat down one place, and as expected, there was an awkward silence until I spotted a ps3 game console just below the China made flat screen tv.

‘Anhan see game there and we dey look our self like say we dey plan something for our mind’ I suddenly broke the silence.

‘Hmm, shey you sabi play game ni?’ He asked a silly question.

‘No oh, I dey wait for your papa to come teach me. Go on your gen na abi fuel no dey’ I just assumed he had to have a generator since his house was so equipped.

‘Fuel dey, I no wan on am come beat you like small pikin oh, na PES I get o’

‘No wahala, I for prefer Fifa but I go manage PES’

PS. To the females who don’t know what the hell am talking about right now (PES, FIFA etc), as your brother or maybe your boyfriend(s). *winks*

Anyways, moment later we started the game and as usual I choosed my Real Madrid and he choose Napoli, I couldn’t help but laugh at such inferior team he choose.

The game started and to my greatest embarrassment and surprise, Wizzy had spelt my name and put two full stops by half time, he was winning by a heart breaking scoreline of 9-0, all I could brag about was an off-target shot. Chai! If I say shame no catch me that day, na lie I dey lie.

Just as second half started, Cavani was already running towards my goal post for a 10th goal when a knock at the door saved startled Wizzy and applied too much pressure in pressing the shot button, therefore saving me further embarrassment.

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He dropped the game pad after murmuring curses at the person who startled him before going to open the door.

The person who knocked apparently turned out to be the roommate I had long waited for, as she stepped into the room, I recognised her once and was dead surprised at who it was;

‘Hi babes, you won’t believe what happened to me today, can you imagine that as I was….’ she suddenly saw me and I guess she was shocked too as she paused in her statement.

‘err..ermm Mic..Michael…..’ she stuttered.

‘Hi Ify, long time no see’ I replied trying to act as casual as I could.

‘what are you doing here?’ she asked still in shock, I probably was the last person she thought would know she lived with Wizzy.

‘I just came to check on Wizzy, although am taking my leave now’ I replied trying to save us both from the tensed atmosphere that was already pilling up.

‘Oh, you don’t have to leave yet, lets play one more game’ Wizzy replied with a wide grin.

‘Your papa! The 9-0 we you don give me never belle full you?’ I replied smiling, but wasn’t really happy about it tho, the guy beat me like I didn’t know how to play anything.

He just grinned in reply.

‘Anyway, I might come back another day when its pay back time, see you later’ I replied and walked out of the house in amazement.

While walking down the road in search of a ride home I got lost in my thoughts;

‘My own Ify the sèx freak who crushed on me, or perhaps my d1ck was now with good boy Wizzy, how did dey even work it out? And to top it all, dey live together! But wait oh, there is a probability that she has changed, I’ve noticed she doesn’t wear clothes that reveal too much anymore…’

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‘Bros, which side you dey go?’ A cab driver who stopped and my front asked me.

‘ermm,… Cho..choba’ I stuttered.

‘Ok, enter na’

I hopped in and the car zoomed off.

One thing I still didn’t get was why I was somehow envious of Wizzy and ify parole.


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