Continued From: #MyComplicatedLoveStory : Lecturer Prosper – Episode 78

Most lecturers in the average Nigerian university don’t take their job serious. They go to the lecture halls late, that is if they go at all, then after a long while of doing next to nothing a wire sparks in one of the head and in less that a month a strike action is declared for no just reason.

Dr D.C. Prosper seemed like one of those lectures, he didn’t strike me as a lecture who takes his job seriously from the way he taught.

After separating the males from the females, therefore making us all highly curious, all he said was;

‘Good, now I can see you all clearly’ Only God knows what he meant by that, and to be frank, I became more curious.

We all were all wait for a further explanation but we figured we weren’t going to get any when he started lecturing almost immediately, therefore leaving us all in the dark.

He method of lecturing wasn’t anything to write home about, for the first time in my life I witnessed a single lecturer teach eleven topics beginning to end in just one hour, he couldn’t care any lesser about us understanding or not. To round it up he simply said we should all go and read the remaining five chapters on our own, we didn’t need a soothsayers to tell us that might be the first and last time we would see him.

He then requested to see the two course reps outside the lecture hall and that was it.

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The whole has filled with angry and happy chatter of the serious and unserious ones respectively.

While the serious ones were complaining on how what the lecturer claimed to be a lecture seemed more like a mere course description the unserious ones were celebrating at the fact of having minus one lecture period to scrap out of their timetable.

I wasn’t with the serious ones neither was I with the unserious ones, but unfortunately for me, an annoying dude who was trying to ‘form familiarity’ sat by my side. He kept on lamenting to me about how bad the educational system was and then I lost track of what he was saying when he mention something about the agricultural section. What education have to do with agriculture is a question that beat my imagination. I just kept on nodding and humming so as not to make him feel I was a snub.

Wizzy came to my rescue few minutes later as he stepped into the hall and asked if I was going home yet, although I initially had the intention of staying back and maybe make some new female ‘friends'(I said friends oh!), I gladly accepted his offer to leave right then since the dude was giving me a headache.

As we walked to the school park, I was quite shocked when he started walking toward a shuttle heading to the delta campus park instead of choba campus where he stayed in one of the hostels, or so I thought.

After asking a few questions I got to know that he had moved out of hostel since he wasn’t in year one anymore and hostel accommodation is basically for the year ones, and he now stayed at one of those lodges at Aluu.

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Now, I know most Nigerians have a foul image painted in their of the Aluu community due to the lynching of those four uniport students (R.I.P)sometimes last year but calm down because as at that time, the ‘Aluu 4’ tragedy hadn’t happened yet.

I was quite curious to know where my course rep lived so I decided to follow him to his lodge just to check it out.

We boarded a taxi and it dropped us at delta park, we then had to board a bike which then took us deep into Aluu, few minutes later, we found ourselves standing at the front of one out five magnificent buildings.

Each of them looked like a clone of The other and the were all lined up side by side with the alphabets ‘A, B, C, D, E’ written boldly on each of them respectively. We entered the one with a ‘D’.

Unlike my lodge which was major occupied with mostly male occupants and just a few females, this lodge was directly the opposite, looking up at the veranda of most of the separate rooms, I could either see girls gisting or Female undies hanging on the slabs. With this I was convinced that the girls were more than the boys and as expected I wished I had rented an apartment in the lodge, but if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

We walked through a stairway and stopped at the front of a door on the second floor which I assumed was his apartment, when he brought out a key and slotted it into the keyhole my assumption was proven right.

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The look of the room beat my imagination, it reminded my of Hassy’s room or should I say boys quarter back at home. It was cozy and well equipped with all sort of electronics, the only thing that made his room vary from Hassy’s room was the colour which was green and he had no air conditioner.

‘Wow, you have got a nice room oh, so na here wey all those departmental dues wey we dey pay dey go shey?’ I teased him.

He gave me the ‘silence is the best answer’ reply as he just smiled in response.
I asked again;
‘Who is your roommate by the way?’

‘when she comes you would see her’

‘She?!’ I asked surprised.


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