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I’ve never been the type of guy who kisses and tell, I believe if I do something naughty with a girl, then it quite silly to go around bragging about it.

So when Sandra asked for a detailed story on what happened between I and Chidinma, I wasn’t so sure on what to do. She’s my best friend and I shouldn’t keep secrets but at the same time, I couldn’t tell her the story, or at least not the full detail she was asking for.

So I decided to tell her only things that she needed to know;

‘Chidinma told me yes’ I replied, trying to be as vague as possible.

‘Of course, I know that! You can’t tell me she has been telling you yes for the past 3hours?’ She replied.

‘Why is this girl so interested in my matter like this? Why is she like all those jobless ladies who go about gossiping and not minding their business?’ I pondered.

‘are you thinking about what to tell me? If you don’t want to give me full gist, then just say it’ she replied sounding unpleased.

I nearly said; ‘don’t want to tell you!’.

‘Hmm, ok, we made out a little and then talked about our ‘relationship’ more’ I lied.

‘ok, I get it. In that case i’ll be going to my lodge now, see you later’

‘your lodge? I thought you were given a quit notice?’.

She just laughed and said;
‘Amaka surely has some explaining to do’

I immediately understood what she meant.


27-oct-201x, MONDAY. 6:15am.

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It’s funny how the human body operates, in as much as I love sleep and can sleep for one whole week if I want to, I find that I naturally wake up as early as necessary in the morning of days that waking up early is required.

This particular Monday wasn’t an exception.

Lectures were to officially start today and as annoying as it was I had my first lecture of the session by 7:00am.

I woke up around 5:15am at first, but I slept back in a attempt to catch the early morning ‘pleasurable sleep’, I had closed my eyes barely 5 minutes, or so it seemed when I opened them and saw that the short hand in the clock had moved an hour further.

‘What The fûck! I’m not going to be late today of all days!’ I screamed in amazement as I sprung out of the bed.

My igbo teacher in high school once made an Igbo proverb which in English language can be translated to;

‘The first thing you do in the morning would determine how your day would go’

Although in my case, it was the first way I started the session that would determine how the rest of the session would go.

Please note that am not superstitious or anything like that, but for some strange reasons I believed the teacher and history has proved that she was right.

I broke several speed records in eating, bathing, running to the cab park and the rest of them all, but all of that didn’t matter because all I know was that I was seated and settled at lecture venue, ‘U-lecture hall 6’ to be precise by 6:55am.

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The hall was rowdy and noisy but it was expected because that’s what you get when you put two highly populated departments together.

Students from both the marketing department and management department filled the quite big hall to the extent that people had to stand, while the rest stood by the window.

I wasn’t really in the chit-chat mood so I plugged my earpiece in my ears and played Burna-boy’s Like to party track.

The song was about to finish when I saw lanky looking male figure with a big brown suit, sorry ‘COAT’ (hope you know the difference), walk into it hall through the front door and as expected we all thought he was the lecturer so after a few seconds the hall was quiet silent, not totally though.

We were all waiting for the usual long introductory speech but all he asked for was;

‘What department and level is this?’

‘Management and Marketing 200 level’ the whole hall replied in unison.

He then turned to the board and wrote;


‘Last session, you were thought basic things and almost all your courses were merely introductions, this semester you have would study more advanced courses’ He then paused to look at we the students who looked at him with rapt attention in an attempt to grab every word he had to say. Then out of nowhere, he said something that was unexpected;

‘All girls move to the right hand side and all boys move to the left’

We weren’t sure if we heard what he said so for a split second, nobody moved. Then a girl sitted at the right stood up and started packing her books and before I knew what was happening, everybody was moving and the whole hall was rowdy and noisy once more.

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I was sitted at the left so I didn’t need to move anywhere.

A cute girl who sat by my side stood up and left, it was then I realised she was by my side and I wondered why I didn’t even notice but anyway that was history.

Wizzy some how located me in the crowd and came to sit beside me, we simply exchanged pleasantries, then he asked me a question which I had no answer to but made me wonder;

‘Why this man they separate us self? Shey na primary school we day?’


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