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Truth be told, I didn’t have any plan of having sèx with Chidinma, just because I didn’t feel that way about her. For the first time in a long time, I loved a girl for who she is and not the pleasure her body has to offer.

So as I stood up to go and shower, I began to wonder if when Chidinma said;

‘Come and take your reply’ she meant she sèx.

Anyway, I later left the house and strangely as it may seem, I saw a big carton of ‘Gold Circle’ everywhere I turned my attention to, it was like every shop and pharmacy where now selling c0ndoms.

‘I guess that the moving business nowadays…funny to think that sex now pays the bills’ I wondered.


I got to her house about 10 minutes late and knocked on her door, after a few minutes of silence, she screamed from within the room;

‘come in, the door is open!’

I went ahead and obeyed.
To my greatest surprise, Chidinma was laying on her bed with just her panties as the only piece of clothing she had on, even her bosoms weren’t covered with anything.

On seeing this wonderful sight and being a normal ‘active’ guy, my dick took just a split second to get erect, all my body wanted to jump in bed with her but my mind wasn’t in agreement with my body, as a matter of fact, I didn’t want to do it, not because I was scared or anything though, just because of I valued her more than sèx.

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She saw I was delaying and then asked;

‘Don’t you want your reply anymore?’

‘I want a reply, but just a yes or no, I don’t want to have sèx with you because I value you more than that, so please put on your clothes and lets just talk’

Up till date, I can’t still believe those words came out of my mouth, I still wonder if I was high or simply mad.

‘Hmm, well, the only way I’m going to reply you is if you at least come and sit on the bed’ She replied.

I thought about it and came to the conclusion that nothing wrong could happen, but maybe I was wrong.

As I sat down on the bed, she sat up beside me and that was when I saw the full view of her bosoms.

‘Damn!! They were so…’ I don’t even know what word to use, big, magnificent, hot, sexy… Etc.

I prayed a silent prayer in my heart asking God to give me the strength to resist.

‘Michael, I love you and I’m sure you feel the same way about me, and I like the fact that you love me for me and not for my body, in fact that proves the fact that you truly love me, but I want us to do this, I’m a lady and I have my needs. So take a good look at all of this’ she used her hands to squeeze one of her bosoms ‘.. And tell me if you don’t want it’

I looked at her body and at that point I was already picturing my lips on hers and bleeping her from the rare and that was when I knew I would be lucky if I escape this one without bleeping her.

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‘I want you! I swear I want you but I just want us to….’ I want to suggest we took our time and let it happen in due time but she interrupted me.

‘Then take me!’ and before could say any other thing, she pushed my back on the bed and jumped on my body, then started kissing me like she had always wanted to do it.

At first I was resisting but you can never underestimate the power of a naked woman. I found myself kissing back and then my hands started roaming round her body until I caught a grip with one of her bosoms and we had sèx.


I left her house after I woke up later on that evening and went home.

The first person to see me as I entered the house was Sandra and she asked;

‘How did it go?, gist me everything!’

‘Are you sure you want to know everything?’ I asked with a mischievous smile on my face.


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