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The question took me off balance as it wasn’t expected. I looked at Sandra and she looked surprised too.

‘Why are you asking?’ I replied.

‘Are you going to keep on asking why I’m asking each time I ask you a question?’ She replied, and I could sense she wasn’t pleased.

‘hmm, no, its just that your question wasn’t expected.’

‘hmm, ok. Its just that through out yesterday, she kept on telling me how much you meant to her and vice versa like you guys were more that just friends’. She laid emphasises on ‘just friends’

‘hmm, that’s because we are not just friends na’ I replied, and I was sure her heart skipped a bit because she didn’t say anything. I guessed she thought that meant I and Sandra were dating.

‘We are actually best friends not ‘just’ ‘ I replied, and for some strange reasons, Sandra smiled at me.

‘oh! I see. Ok. So my second question is’ she paused an took a deep breath

‘Is what?’ I asked getting curious.


‘Yea? Talk na’

‘If she is your best friend then who am I to you? A side chick?’

I heard a voice say ‘ghen ghen’ in my head.

I looked at Sandra hoping she would give me an answer but rather she whispered ‘OYO’. OYO means On Your Own.

So I turned on my thinking faculty and pondered on the question via asking myself more questions like;

‘Who is Chidinma to me?’

‘hmm, she is definitely more than a friend but how ‘more’ is she?’ ‘Can she be the ‘one’ I’ve been searching for? Do I even love or just lust?’ I subconsciously answer all the questions and came up with the perfect answer;

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‘Chidinma, you are the one I see in my dream when I sleep, you are the one who makes me smile merely by the thoughts of you, you are the one I want to call mine, you are the one I live each day thinking about, you are the one who makes my heart skip a bit whenever I see you…’ I paused to let her assimilate the words I said and then I rounded up with;

‘Chidinma, you are my one’

It took Chidinma about a minute to get herself together before she replied;

‘Why didn’t you tell me all this before?’

‘I wasn’t sure of my feelings until now… Chidinma, am into you’

‘Hmm, ok, I’ve heard, so my third question is …’

‘Wait wait wait!, ‘I’ve heard’ is that all you’re going to say? Like seriously?’ I cut in.

‘Calm down young man’ she teased. ‘ I was going to say my third question is when are you going to come to my house and get your reply?’

I nearly screamed out my lungs on hearing this, I knew just exactly what she meant. The thing was I knew she would say yes but didn’t expect it so soon, thought she would form like most girls act.

BTW, I still don’t get why most girls act strangely at times, I mean, you see a guy you like, and he likes you too. Then he gathers enough courage to walk up to you and tell you how he feels and although the feeling is mutual you either say ‘I would think about it’ or ‘No’. What’s there to think about? You like the guy and the guy likes you, what else do you want?!. I personally have had many experience with girls like that, but that’s a story for another day. In the main time, ponder over this question; ‘Is the delay worth it?’.

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Back to my story…

‘ermm, to answer your third question, I would say, give me about an hour or two to clear up certain things over here’ I replied.

‘that one is your cup of tea, your answer would expire if you aren’t here in thirty minutes’ she replied.

‘thirty minutes? I haven’t bathed, eaten, I don’t even know what to wear and you know you live quite far too’ I lamented.

‘Bla bla bla, I have told you that’s your business. You have thirty minutes and you time starts now. Bye’ and she hung up, not giving me the opportunity to give her a hundred more reasons why thirty minutes wouldn’t be enough.

I forgot for a while that Sandra was even listening to my conversation with Chidinma, she had been awfully quiet.

‘What have I done wrong now?’ I asked.

‘Nothing, promise me one thing’

‘sure, just name it’ I replied.

‘You yourself has seen how easy going and nice this girl is, promise me you won’t break her heart just like you once did to mine’

‘break your heart? When did I do that?’ I asked in amazement.

‘never mind, just promise me you won’t break her heart. Even when you cheat on her, don’t let her catch you’ she replied coldly.

I wanted to ask more questions and actually figure out how and when exactly I broke Sandra heart and also what gave her the impression I would cheat on Chidinma, but the thought of having barely 25 minutes left of the 30 minutes Chidinma gave me, made me just say;

‘Ok, I promise’ So she could let me go and get ready.

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‘Ok, good’ she looked at her wristwatch and the with a smile she said;

‘If I was you, I won’t bother bathing, I’ll just brush and rinse my face, because you have less than 20 minutes out of you 30 minutes and buy a c0ndom too, just in case’ she then winked at me

what a best friend indeed, don’t you agree?


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