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The walk home was silent as expected, I couldn’t quite decipher what was going through Sandra mind, but whatever it was, I hoped it wasn’t something bad.

After a long walk which felt like two centuries, we eventually got to my place only to meet a strangely full house, with Urch, Chisom, Tayo and two chicks that I needed no ‘’ to tell me Tayo invited them in. After exchange of pleasantries and introductions, I found out that the two chicks were actually sorta like our neighbours because they just moved in and Tayo being mr nice guy was just a friend keeping them company and nothing more, or at least that’s what the girls think.

Anyway we walked past them and headed to the bedroom, leaving them to learn how to break out from prisons from the master himself, Micheal Scofield, Prison Break, just in case the get arrested.

But come to think of it, if Nigeria prisons are like the prisons in the USA, I would have robbed a bank and let them catch me by now, after all I’ll get good food, electricity, water, etc, but that’s just my opinion.

Back to my story…

I and sandra got to the room and I wasn’t really shocked by the fact that it was a total mess, because that’s what you get when three rugged boys live in one house. Luckily for me, Sandra didn’t seem to care about the messy room as she just shifted the pile of clothes on the bed to one side and sat down but then, I walked closer and threw all the clothes on the floor and joined her on the bed.(crazy me right?.)

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‘So you haven’t told me how you’ve been’ I started the conversation.

‘I’ve been fine, lectures been taking most of my time nowadays’ she replied.

‘hmm, I thought it was only me o, I don’t get why there are so much lectures this semester in contradiction to 1st semester where we were almost totally free’

‘I guess they were just using that one to tell us welcome, now this the real deal’ she replied without much interest in the present topic, so I tried changing the topic.

‘yea, I guess you are right. So how about that your uncle you told me about, is he back from china?’ I asked

‘not yet, but he would be coming next week’ she paused then continued, ‘you know what?, you can stop beating around the bush and cut to the chase..’

she was getting impatient with my ‘beating around the bush’ questions, and frankly I agree with her, so I went straight to the point.

‘ok, if you say so. So how come you are dating a cultist?’ I asked with undivided attention.

‘hmm, forget about that because you won’t believe me even if I told you’

‘no I won’t forget it, you don’t strike me as the type who would date a cultist and feel comfy about it. So tell me why the sudden change’

She paused for a while and then broke down in tears.

‘this girl sabi cry o!’ I thought, but nevertheless, I held her and comforted her.

When she got back her composure she replied..
‘Micheal, I did it for you!’

‘Me? How?’ I asked, totally lost and confused.

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‘Henry somehow got interested in me after I came across him at a friend’s birthday party and He asked me out but due to the fact that I didn’t like him like that, I refused so he…’

‘wait a minute, who is Henry again?’ I cut in.

‘oh, sorry, Henry is 2scars, that’s his real name’

‘hmm, nice name for a rugged cultist’ I thought.

‘Anyway, He wasn’t the type who would take no for an answer, so he did some asking around and got to know about the one person I truly loved’ she paused again for a while, she looked at me in the eyes and continued..’ the one person I truly loved, you’

‘hmm, ok, so how did that make you date him? I don’t still get you’

‘He threatened to hurt you if I didn’t say ‘yes’ to him. I didn’t have much options, so I agreed and that’s how I ended up with him’

‘this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me’ I thought.

‘hmm, so how come he still came for me even after he got you?’ I asked not entirely satisfied with her explanation.

‘We dated for a while and he noticed I wasn’t really into him, so he was advised by his second in command to make you join the cult, that way he would have total control of you and I’ she explained.

I couldn’t quite understand why some guys could be so heartless and stupid..

‘how can you force a girl to date you and attempt to force her to love you? Ain’t that just very stupid’ I thought.

‘hmm, you know what?’ I asked Sandra.

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‘I believe you, and I think that’s the sweetest thing anyone has done for me, thanks’

‘its nothing, after all what are best friends for?’

‘hmm, yea I guess so. Am sorry about doubting you and saying all those things to you’ I apologized.

‘no problem, am sorry too about everything and even you kissing Amaka, I overreacted’ she replied.

‘ok, its ok, lets leave Amaka of this case for now and face the problem at hand’ I replied.

‘ok, so what are we going to do?’

I went into deep thoughts for about 10 straight minutes before I replied with a slight smile;

‘I’ve got an idea……


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