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As I walked into the sitting room, the entire house was so quiet that I became worried and could sense something sinister about the whole house.

‘Shey that Urch big head no tell am to lock door as hin dey commot?” I pondered.

I listened carefully and could hear some really low sounds emitting from the bedroom.

‘Anybody dey house?!” I screamed but got no response.

I tiptoed towards the room and placed my ears on the door to be sure I heard some sounds, I heard the sounds again and that confirmed the fact that someone was in the house, but who could it be? If it was Urch, he would have answered me when I asked if anyone was home, and Tayo probably wasn’t back I school yet.

The only option left was very obvious, it was a burglar.

For some strange reasons I felt courageous and I barged into the room after I had picked up a lawn tennis racket that hung on the wall strictly for decoration purposes.

In certain trying moments, we tend to forget the main purposes of certain things. That was one of such moment, as I ignored the fact that the racket was STRICTLY for decoration.

‘who decorates their house with a racket anyway?” I pondered.

What I saw made me freeze instantly, my sweat pores because hyper-active as they released more than enough sweat, my cloths got wet immediately.

My head suddenly became heavier and it became a herculean task for my shoulder to carry it. The whole earth started spinning faster than normal, or maybe I was the one spinning, either ways, something was spinning fast, really fast.

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My legs couldn’t bear the weight of my entire body that seemed have added two hundred pounds in a split second, so I slumped and just before my eyes closed, I saw one of all those comical red coloured devil who carry a garden fork. The devil said to me;

‘Hahaha, Michael! Your time is up’

Just a drop of tear could escape before I closed my eyes and let nature take its course.

And that was how I died, or so I thought.


‘Michael! Michael!!! Mikey!’ I heard a male voice called my name and a continuous tap on my cheek followed suit.

‘go and bring some water,’ the voice ordered me, or wasn’t it me?

‘Okay,’ I heard a feminine voice replied proving I wasn’t the one who was ordered.

Few minutes later, I heard the female voice say;

‘Here is the water’

I only response I got was a…

‘SPLASH!!!” … the water was poured on my face with full force.

‘Thunder go fire your mama!! Why you pour me water for my face?” I mentally cursed the person who poured the water.

I didn’t like the feeling one bit and wanted to complain verbally but I couldn’t feel my mouth or lips, I was sure I still had a mouth and I wanted to use it but I was too weak to use it.

‘Michael!! You have got to wake up now! Open your eyes!” the male voice ordered me.

‘shey na by force? Abi na our two get the eye? Nobody can force me to open my eye,’ I retorted mentally, in my mind, I really wish I could have say that out loud.

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‘it’s like he needs more water, go and bring more,’ the male voice ordered again.

‘This guy sha like to push people around oh, simple PLEASE open your eyes, he can’t say,’ I thought in frustration.

I wasn’t ready to let another round of cold water to be splashed on my face so I reluctantly attempted to open my eyes.

I couldn’t move it at first but then again it moved a little after much effort and slowly opened.
I was welcomed by an extremely bright light that made me squint and blink. I focused my gaze on the figure that bent over me, I saw a very big headed dude but didn’t recognise him at first.

‘Michael, can you see me? How many fingers are these?” The big headed dude flashed two fingers at me.

‘Two,’ I replied stupidly.

‘good, do you know me?”

That question touched some wires in my head and I instantly recalled the whole incident.

I remembered barging into the room and catching Urch banging Chidinma from the rare red handed.

I felt a surge of anger and adrenaline boost flow through my veins. If I was with a gun, I probably would have shot Urch on that spot. I looked at him, then over to Chidinma who stood at his back, the back to him again, I didn’t know exactly what to say, so I said the first thing that popped into my head;

‘I don’t want to ever see the both of you again,’ I stood up and stormed out of the house.

You know that feeling in which you don’t know exactly how you feel or how you are meant to feel? That was exactly how I felt: confused, sad, angry and maybe excited, I just wasn’t sure.

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I walked down the street totally lost in deep thoughts;

What can be worst than this? How can Urch do this to me? And I even took him as a brother from another mother. And even Chidinma who I thought was the love of my life just showed me that I’ve been living in a dream world all along.

On second thoughts, was this just karma playing a trick on me? Is this simply a pay back for all my worng doings?.

I was pondering and searching for the answer to the multiple questions that rang in my head. I was so deep in thoughts that I didn’t see her coming, and by the time I did, it was too late…

‘GBAM!” I hit a hefty woman who had a tray of oranges on her head.

Double wahala, I sighed as I stared at the pounds of flesh on her arms.


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