A foreigner in Nigeria posted this question online and an anonymous Nigerian gave him a quite interesting answer.


How to get laid in Lagos

Short term? Go to any club in the Island area and look for the girls showing off the most cleavage and thighs. Tell her she is pretty and offer to dance with her. If she is flattered but turns down your offer to dance while still being flirty, ask her what it will take to spend time with her all night. You agree on a price, take her home, pay her and get laid.

Long term? Dress well in a suit and got to conferences. Look for ladies in short, tight skirts who have no rings on their fingers. Chat them up. Tell them you just came from overseas and you are looking to settle in Lagos. Ask her out to dinner. Take her to an expensive hotel restaurant. Be nice, gentlemanly and always compliment her. Remember to always pay for her taxi to and from your meeting point. By the second date, take her somewhere nice and quiet. Tell her you have been thinking about her and you feel like you are falling in love. Take her out again and make sure you call and text her regularly. By the fourth date invite her over to your place. Do not make a move on her. Cuddle only. The next time, invite her again to your place again. You’ll get laid, 5 times out of 8. And you will continue to get laid till you are tired.

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Men, is this true?

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