I am currently going through a lot of emotional stress and some health issues because my husband is a serial cheat who is involved in none less than 20 women.

I’m still young with 2 kids under 3 years and living in the diaspora. He’s the worst liar I’ve ever met in my life. He can’t even take care of his responsibilities financially. I’ve told him he needs to leave very soon as I can’t leave the rest of my life this way.

I caught an STD but thank God I’ve got the all clear. He gets angry if I insists he uses a condom when we want to have sex telling me that he has stopped sleeping about. I’ve told him I own my body and that he’s disrespecting me.
Let me tell me you, emotional stress (mental health) is just as bad as domestic violence. I was a good wife to him and he would be no where in life without me. He’s excuse for not wanting to separate is that he loves the kids and won’t want not to be in their lives everyday. Like heck, did you ever stop to think of this when you were gallivanting about? Trust doesn’t exist anymore.

He says I’m wicked and have an unforgiving heart. Really?? That if I can forgive him then I will see reasons to want to stay in the marriage. I know at some point, I would forgive him but to stay married to him is a big NO. I’ve gone for counselling, read books, prayed etc and nothing is working. It is said that “once a cheat always a cheat”.

I struggle a lot with this hurt and betrayal and at times feel this marriage could work, but he keeps lying even for the simplest things. He always says to me I’m the one with the problem that he doesn’t need counselling. This month makes it a year since I found out and my health has suffered over this time. This is a new year and I need to be well for myself and kids. I’ve got a bright future ahead and can’t see him in the picture. My dear mothers, after all of these would you advise me to still stay? My family is going to object to this move but I wear the shoes here! I’m going to find the strength to see this through and I will come out victorious.

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Dear Liveofofo readers, please, Am I over reacting? Should I stay because of the kids?

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