"I Started Having Sex When I Was 8"- Lady Shares Heartfelt Story

A young lady reveals how she started having s*x at the age of 8 after she caught two adults in the act when she was in primary 4.

This touching story was shared by myunfilteredng on Instagram.

Read her heartbreaking story below:

“I started engaging in sexual activities when I was 8 years old and in primary 4, after I caught 2 adults engaging in a sexual act. I was caught the second time by my parents and they flogged me mercilessly. I stopped for a while until I went to live with my grandmother during my junior secondary school. My male cousin introduced me to p*rn, and from there we started having s*x. My female cousin too started fondling me.
When I finished JSS 3, I returned to live with my parents. I hated them and thought they didn’t love me. I decided to seek for the love I desired outside. I had my first boyfriend in SS1. While all this was going on, I was the head chorister in church and saw visions”

She continued:

“Before university, I had slept with 5 people. I noticed I could no longer hear God. I knew I was on the wrong path but the more I tried to stop, the deeper I fell. All the relationships I entered into never lasted long because after every sexual act, I felt bad and cut them off. After a short period, I would go back to the guys. Immediately I left any (relationship), I entered into another one. The devil always had an alternative for me.
I was such a curious person. I wanted to know what young ladies saw in dating older men so I decided to give in to a leader in church who was pestering me. On a particular Sunday, my group pastor was addressing us and told us to confide in her if we had anything eating us up.
When I got home I called her. She counselled me and told me to go for deliverance and to see the assembly pastor. I thought that was all but few months after the deliverance I went back to the acts. When I tried to stop fornication, p*rn*graphy set in.
During that period of my life, every time I went to church, all the sermons pointed at me. I knew God had been talking to me for more than 3 years, but even when I listened and repented immediately, I would still go back.
I decided to surrender my life in totality to him and God has been faithful. I now see visions and hear clearly from him. I also thought no one would ever accept me with my past but he has given me a fiancé who not only accepts my past but is willing to make me forget it all.”

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Instagram users also congratulated her on her overcoming it.

They wrote:

  • odunajiks : Wow. Great job. All the best for the future.
  • innysanya: God is good
  • susan_uko: God Is ever faithful, he washes us so clean that we are left with no stain.
  • bonnethefirst: It is never over until God says it’s over. And the only time He said it’s was on the cross when He took away our sin. Thank you Jesus for third, fifth and fiftieth chance
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